Friday, October 2, 2015

Times have changed.....

Now, we live in a place called Royal Estates.  Sounds elegant, and sometimes it is, but mostly not.  It is fiercely expensive, and has an activities director; whose job seems to be to keep everyone involved inmostly nothing.  Lots of bridge, poker, dominoes and some game with domino pieces with oriental stuff printed on them.  So, I started a book club.  we now have seven members, some of whom read rapidly, some slowly and some who almost can't see.  Oh well.  Its fun and stretches my mind and, I hope, theirs.
I also started a stitchers group, mainly because the director found me and a very young friend knitting up a storm and decided we needed a group.  No one comes but my friend, and a very young woman who lives here.  We are all old, but she is not.  She is, however, limited in what she can do. She  has asked me to teach her to knit.  No problem, except that she is a lefty. to YOUTUBE to find out how to do this.  She has a dreadful speech problem and I have thus far restrained myself from asking to look in her mouth>  (I am a retired speech/language pathologist, of 47 years)  and have much curiosity about why this is so and what can be done.  Back off,lady, I keep telling myself.  You are retired, remember?
Today I found a resident wandering around and she latched on to me and said that she didn't know how to find her room.  I told her we would ask, and she frantically said, 'no,no, they will be mad!"  So, off we went.  She remembered some numbers and we wandered till we found her home.  I read her name from her door and she beamed and told me I was the only person who had ever pronounced it right.
So, whattaya think?  Is this my new ministry?  Has God put me here to do just these things?  If so, off I go! 
Yesterday, we were having a sing along and I got up and had the whole group singing Mairsy Doates.  (ask your mom- she'll remember it)  We nearly blew the roof off.  None of our 'attendants' had any idea what we were singing.  Fun is where you find it....