Friday, December 17, 2010

an absorbing book

I don't usually tout a book in this venue, but want to call your attention to this last one I read. "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky." I picked it up casually, but I'm glad I did. It details the events in the life of an American woman who went to Yemen to be a teacher of journalism to Yemenis who put out an English newspaper. She finds herself the effective editor as well, and since I knew little about Yemen, I am gratified to know this much more. Included are her trials with reporters with absolutely no journalistic training, imperfect English and the national crisis with the drug qat. It is hard to see how such a nation can ever leave the third world status it occupies when almost all of it's inhabitants are stoned most of the time. However, her efforts are heroic and funny and ultimately rewarding - do give this book a try.

Blessings to all....especially at this blessed time of year.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yesterday morning,

as I entered the narthex of the church, I saw many people waiting to go in to church, and on each face was a huge smile. Then I felt the love in the room - so thick I could almost hold it in my hand. This is my home- it is where I belong. Then we went into the sanctuary and worshipped with song, prayers and learning. I was privileged to read the first lesson, from Isaiah - 'and a little child shall lead them'. Talk about cold chills! These experiences get deeper and deeper each Sunday. I know God is preparing me to come home, and that it will get deeper and deeper, although I can't imagine this now. As the Narnia books say ' further in and farther out' (?) this deepness defies expession. Soon I'll know. But the people who say "love makes the world go around" are right, and most of them don't even know the sort of love of which I speak. Some day we all will. Maranatha!

As I reread this, I think I may sound as if I am dying. As far as I know I am not. I just think all worship services and fellowships should be like this one was - filled with the Holy Spirit.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is a coming.....

And I don't know about fat geese, but I have finished shopping. Every year I say I will only gift the young grands and the 1 great grand, but somehow I wind up not doing this. I have found the easy way,though. I can't walk or stand for long, so I get dozens and dozens of catalogs and there is plenty in there for everyone. Oops! Take it back - I still have to go to bookstore, but that is a vacation for me- they have chairs and I can sit and browse. I am buying books for the grandsons who are still in public school and they are books I have loved, so getting them is great fun.

Ana is here hanging up clothes and helping me put a better light in the closet. I can't tell you how many mornings I have started off to church with either navy or black pants on, only to discover that they are not the color I thought they were, when I get into the outside light. DH thinks this is hysterically funny and keeps whispering to me that everyone is pointing at me for having on the wrong pants. I may have to kick a shin or two,here.

I am taking antibiotics and they are helping, finally. Of course if I had done this a couple of weeks ago, I could have saved myself misery, but I keep thinking I can beat this one on my own. Found out I couldn't, though. My shoulder replacement is scheduled for Jan 3. I hope this is an easy one. Also hope it is the last one.

I wonder why everyone is so hysterical about being patted and wanded at the airport. I have had to do this for years, having three pieces of titanium in me. I wear moccasins or sandals and socks and make the officials help me get them back on, since I can't reach my own feet. I read somehwere that muslims in burkhas are exempt from this, but I really doubt this is true. Really, what's the point?

Maybe tomorrow we can get to the stock show. The kids are showing goats and pig (singular) and maybe rabbits? I do enjoy it, but the dust and I are sworn enemies. We'll see how it goes.

Blessings to all of you, especially at this blessed time of year.