Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Just one more time for now---

I know other parts of the country are in dire straits due to tornados and too much water, but we are still suffering from fire. There are several, one of the new ones is headed toward Austin, our state Capital. "Our" fire has destroyed 130 thousand acres and is still going. Some of the planes which scoop up a large amount of water in their bellies, and then go and drop it o0n the fire, have picked up some fish along with the water. So now we have wet fried fish. Not really funny, but we need to laugh some of the time. We watch the pillars of smoke rise uup ==if they are going straight up the wind is not bad, but when they flatten out, our winds are up again. This is the timie of year we usually get all of the rain we get. George has a gadget that is supposed to tell us if it will rain, and it keeps predicting rain, but so far, no go.

In other matters, we sang our cantata last night at church and it was a wonderful exoperience. We left off the "hallelujah" part and will sing it on Sunday. God is good. Blessings to you all.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


we sang the Cantata "And Now is Christ Risen" - We have been practising for awhile. I have to sit through singing while the others stood. Too bad, but I can't stand more than about a minute. We left of the Hallelujahs, and will sing them in place of the sermon on Easter. It is really nice to have a choir singing in parts.

Nancy and the children came. I don't think Mally was too happy to be there, but the boys seemed to really enjoy it and to be glad they came. I was glad to have them here. Scooter is still in therapy 5 days a week - it's not a fast process. I have it 3 days a week.

Busy week coming up with services every night. It's a solemn and a joyful time all at once. They story has tragic parts but we know the ending and that makes it ok

Blessings to all.....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fires are still with us

Although the immediate danger to us is past, there are people on the east side of Angelo who are evacuating and praying. This fire just can't seem to be stopped. I heard hom many thousand acres have burned, some 70 thousand?? maybe? And there are other fires west of us. Our winds blow (really blow!) from west to east - some days I have to move plants to keep them from being broken over. Orders went out to shut down the forges, and no barbecueing. Mny of our fires start from lightening , many others from birds who land on the wrong wire near the transformers. Not so good for the birds either. We set aside days of prayer in this city - for rain when we need it, which is most of the time, for protection from fire, and protection from the proliferating masses of feral hogs. Fences don't stop them and they will eat anything not larger than themselves. Scary, scary, really mean critters.
Pray for us - we pray for you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Grass Fires Everywhere ..

West Texas is burning right now. Homes are burned, some animals have not been able to get out, so far no persons are dead of the fire. This is a huge one, and just missed us being in the evacuate group by 15 miles. The air is very bad and downtown is covered in ash. Evacuation areas for both people and animals are open downtown and we are taking care of them all. The firemen, as they retreat in front of it are routinely cutting fences now, so the animals will have a way to get out. 35 mph winds are not helping at all.

I began to think of priorities should we be evacuated. First, all the medicines, including the insulin in the refrigerator, then a couple changes of clothing, my CPU, Any bit of jewelry worth anything and as many family pictures as I can cram into the car. Everything else in here can be replaced and may, some day, have to be. Whatever.

We have prayed for Japan and for all the places there are catastrophes happening and here is one in our backyard. None of us are immune to tragedy and we are seeing more and more of it lately. The end times? maybe - maybe not. The earth is a fragile place and is seems to be jittery lately. One thing is for sure - there is more to come.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We are entering Holy Week

and I am growing and learning from my classes so that a newer depth will be added to this year's services and worship. But I am puzzled from last night's Bible study. We are in the gospel of John - and the consensus (sp?) is that we have to know that we need God and ask Him for his presence and for our inclusion in His people. Everyone in the room seemed to agree that this was the process. I don't like to upset a group, but I need to see Fr. Stan and find out why I never felt this need - rather, God came after me. For three days we wrestled and, as always, He won. Now I wonder how I ever lived without Him - and also why I didn't know I needed Him more. Or why I thought I had Him. I was very pleased with my life, not knowing that I had no life. Am I different, or does He have to chase down other people? Hmmmmm?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MRI results

After undergoing an MRI on my back, jackhammers and all, my doctors, who were sure my spine was disintegrating, found that my spine is just fine. I'm feeing better, too. It's about time.

Busy week, with services and preparing for the cantata for Palm Sunday and Easter.

Nancy says she hopes to get to grandson Kevin's wedding. I so wish we could go, but we can't, so that's that. Hope to see photos,tho. He is marring a wonderful girl- and someday I will meet her.

Pray for rain - we are surrounded by fires. Blessings to you all.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A quiet week

It's been a long time since I've had one of these. Last month I had 17 doctor's appointments - mostly because of being in the hospital, I think they wanted to be sure I am still here, since I died while I was in there. I did schedule a sleep study. The doctor thinks that the reason I sleep aabout 12 hours every night is because I am not really sleeping well - so we will see, and if I need a breathing apparatus, I will just look like an alien.

Dear son in law (Scooter) is having surgery in the morning to fix his dreadfully messed up knee (from their skiing trip last month). We are on call to possibly go and stay while Nancy takes care of a bit of business.
Nancy put up a new bird feeder and hummer feeder for me. I have seen one hummer and the neat thing about the bird feeder is that the doves have no way to get in to eat - the openings are too small. I wouldn't mind them eating if they were in any way moderate - bu they are pigs. When they eat and raise their heads their craws bulge and hang down. Squirrels are a problem, too, cause they can't get in and have knocked it over twice. If it happens again, we will get some super glue so they can't do it. The little ones are many - I have house finches, and lots of other teeny birds. Fun to watch.
We now have a chancel choir at church and I finally get to sing in parts. I have misssed this more than I can tell you. Motets are my favorite, but this is really good. We are doing a wonderful one (No Greater Love) for Palm Sunday evening and will do the finale of "Hallelujah's" for Easter. I love our music but I have really missed a real choir.
I'm pretty sure my left knee is finally going - most other major joints are titamiun, including a new left shoulder. Still in PT for that. My PT is the greatest!.
Love to you all and many blessings. Pray for rain for our part of the country.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How dead is dead?

Yeah, a dismal thing to blog about, but I have some concerns here. I always figured if you were dead you were just dead. I've read about people who 'see the light' and are sent back to finish living. Since I died from a seizure in the hospital a few weeks ago, and I'm back with no light around, I began to puzzle over this. My good friend Charles, died in surgery - he left his body and floated up at the ceiling while they worked on his body. Then he went back into it. No light there. Mine was a really bad seizure (just found out I am having those and hope the meds are stopping them) and my smart child called the hospital to tell them I had dropped the phone and was making weird noises - told them to go check on me. It took them awhile to make me start breathing again, but I didn't see any light. When I told my doctor I had died in the hospital, his first question was did I see the light - sisnce another of his patients had died and really seen the light. Who knows? So I have decided there is really dead, maybe dead, sorta dead and somewhat dead. Not sure where I was in this list, but I'm really glad I'm not dead. Ideas, anyone?