Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still floating...

after a wonderful choir practice. I have been using my asthma inhalers reglarly (I try not to think about the cost), and it is certainly working,. I have air to spare and I can sing again...loverly! It's such a high to sing with this group and try different improvisations and descants, etc. I hug them all often.

Re: going to the doctor, I will be seeing three, and I will ask them all why my green eyes --which have forever more been green and I insist they stay that way -- have turned blue. Mary Beth spoke to someone who said it happens in older people - something to do with circulation, I think. MB, correct me if I am wrong. But I want my green eyes back. I even wear green and they are still blue. Wahhhhhhh.

I was wrong about son Bill's 500 cholesterol level. The 500 was his tryglicerides, his cholesterol was 700. Janet is having a horrible time getting his medical records for an insurance policy for life which they took out on the car. His doctor won't release the records without a subpoena, even though he has died and she is his wife. There is such a thing as carrying this privacy thing too far. Marshall (13 year old grandson) is staying by himself in the house at night (Janet works nights). She called CPS and explained the situation and they told her it was ok. ??????? Not with me, but grans don't always get to vote.

Cathy, thank you for your prayers for me. All prayers gratefully received.

Tomorrow is hair cutting day. Such a day! When I realize that there is just entirely too much hair up there, I need it off right now! Then I can wash and push it where I want it to be, let it dry and brush in the morning - no more worries.

Rest in His love...

Monday, May 26, 2008


I have had it with this back thing, and am going to see a neurosurgeon. Apparently it is possible that the problems I have with losing feeling in my feet, incontinency and heart problems all relate to the 3 bad vertebrae I have. I know this doctor isn't pro surgery, and the one I saw 4-5 years ago was reaching for his scalpel as we talked. We'll see what Dr. Fisher says about it. I know him from church. I keep this pain at bay by using the chiropractor's stretching table. I call it the rack. It does work, so far for pain, but if the problem is causing more problems that the back,I need to know it.More on this when I know more.

Peace and blessings,

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lovely week

And it really has been. Mary Beth came to visit and we had fun and laughed and went to doctors. Then, Tuesday evening Don came in. Supposed to come in on 4:00 plane but missed that one and got here at 11:00. We fed him pie. He and George enjoyed their two days of golf, and George is still the winner. I just learned that this is the 9th toughest public course in Texas.

I worked the store on Saturday and met some interesting people - one lady came in and told me everybody else in town was closed and that she HAD to have somewhere to shop. And shop she did.

Janet is just getting Bill's medical records and I am appalled to say that his cholesterol level was at --are you ready for this? --- 500. He just didn't believe it would happen to him. The gas crunch is hitting Sarah with her long commute to Denton every day. It's getting us all, I know. Fortunately for us, we mostly stay in town and unless we go to Mertzon, a tank lasts us about 3 weeks.

I just saw on 60 minutes, a section about today's youth leaving school and entering the work force. It is pretty incredible. From what they say, these kids don't want hours, or dress codes, and they need nap rooms, etc. But they are getting hired. Now, the clincher! 60 minutes blames it on Mr. Rogers. Sorry, but Mr. Rogers is one of my heroes! Maybe we should reinstate the compulsory draft for 2 years service for everybody. Israel does it, and their kids turn out well. Comments, anyone? Especially if you saw the show.

Cathy says she likes the weather channel any time. So do I. Something soothing about watching those lines move gracefully across the map. And there is always the powerless bit about you can't change the weather. Gotta live with it. Speaking of which, we are due to have a thunderstorm tonight and we are hoping it comes.

And retired life continues....

Rest in the mystery.......

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

It's true! The older you get the faster time goes. I'd like for some physics genius to prove this because I know it is right.

Last weekend, Scooter planned a suprise trip to Vegas for him and Nancy. He arranged for her to be replaced at school for the 1/2 day necessary, made intricate arrangements for the children, packed her bag (including the children's mother's day gifts),and sent her to the airport on a bogus errand at the right time. This man is a genius. He knows I have a hard time with all three at a time, so I had Saxon all weekend and Mally overnight and part of two days. Spencer could have come for the last night, but as his alternative was staying with his best buddy and shooting things-- I came in a far last. That's ok. The first thing we did was to make a pumpkin pie, Saxon and I. Then he and I and Dad had large pieces. Mally was late that night and didn't know about the pie till Saxon asked if he could have the rest for breakfast. Mally didn't lose any time staking her claim, so the two of them had pie for breakfast. I'm the gran and I say it's ok, so there! They probably needed the pie, just as Spencer needs his coffee (guilty on that one,too).

Actually, during the weekend, Sax came to me and said he was tired of the computer. I never expected to hear that! I told him I would be too, and gave him a really good book! We all three read!

Miss MB is coming to see Nancy and crew on Friday and will get here sometime on Saturday. Monday morning we are going to see my two main physicians as she wants to talk to them. Then, on Tuesday we are looking for Don who is coming to golf with Dad for a couple of days. Hooray!. Family coming!

Here is an observation I have made. I have noticed that the older people get the more they like to look at the weather channel. After mulling this over for a bit, I've decided that where our lives are right now is certainly not the prime of youth. We are slowly failing and can't stop it. It's supposed to happen. The weather is the same. We can watch it, we can sometimes make preparations to protect ourselves from it, but in the end, the weather wins. All the time. Huricanes and earthquakers and drought can't be controlled. When I was a young woman, people were talking about seeding clouds to make it rain where it was needed - it hasn't happend that I've seen.

Thought to mull over.....

"Good and evil both increase at compound interest. That is why the little decisions you and I make every day are of such importance." C.S.Lewis

Monday, May 5, 2008

Life in the west

I'm not sure why I'm writing this because there isn't much to say. Which should be interpreted as good. I will manage to have a lot to say, however - I always do. I did have the test I wrote about and now I can add diverticulosis to my resume of body breakdowns. The doctor expected this and informs me that people, especially women, over 60 will have this. Goody. They gave me a diet which is conflicting with the heart diet - I do wish they could get this together. I may have to rely on common sense. Of course, common sense got me into these messes in the first place, so I may be in bad hands. I am glad to know that nothing else is where it shouldn't be. No worries, tho. We both feel good for our ages.

My wonderful little choir sang yesterday and we are taking the summer off. I am down to two little girls, and the pastor refers to us as the Butler family singers. As if! He has no idea that MB, Nancy and the two of us used to go places and sing for people. I'm not sure why they asked us, but would bet that they were at their wits end for a program of some sort. It was fun, anyway. Pray for us to drum up some more children for our church so we could maybe have a real choir.

Daughters of the King tonight. Our stalwart leader is in France with her accountant husband. They take an exciting trip every year after tax season is over. I just hope nobody wants to have an election - I am planning on her being president-for-life. Haven't told her, though. She wouldn't like that.

Hope to spend some time with the three youngest grands this weekend. We don't get to see enough of them, even though they are so close. Everybody is so busy around here - mostly I am busy reading books. I don't think I will work my way through the whole library, but I keep trying. My flowers are gorgeous. I need to go and take some photos because the summer heat will be here soon and they tend to burn up.

Heard from Barbara and they are headed for Boston for a couple of days and then on to New York to see the newest two additions to the Girling household. They've added two kittens. They didn't have room before but do, now. Cats are wonderful. I don't want one, but I have dearly loved the ones we had.

We are expecting Don for a couple of days either next week or the next. This may well be the time he beats George at golf, but I won't tell George that. He would love to win again, although his game is not what it once was. He came in one day last week and stomped around a bit and I finally asked what was wrong. He told me he was in every single sand trap around and just quit after 9 holes. Believe me this course is really full of sand traps!

'Til later,

Rest in the mystery..........

Thursday, May 1, 2008

food and other things...

Today I am doing the liquid diet thingy. Have to make a quick grocery run as all my jello is red or variations thereof. Need that jello. the best part is that I am allowed to have coffee and tea with no cream or milk. The worst part is - well, you know the worst part, I expect. Test is at 9AM in the morning so it will soon be over.

For you who asked for the wonderful pork recipe, here 'tis. It was originally called pork chops with cherry sauce, and still is, I just changed it a bit. First out in Real Simple, May of this year. As an added rant, Real Simple is no longer real simple - it is getting real complicated. I don't appreciate this change, and think they aspire to be Martha Stewart, Junior. When I want simple, I mean really, really simple. They will be losing me as soon as the subscription runs out.

Pork chops with cherry sauce.

I did not have chops, but a very small roast (under 1 lb), so if you have chops, you'll want to cut them into small pieces. I sliced the roast diagonally, about 1/2" slices.

I also did not have 2 shallots, so used a little shaved onion and lots of the garlic grass I keep growing in the pot in the front garden.

Take the shallots or onions or garlic grass or whatever and saute it in 1 tbsp olive oil, about 3 minutes.

Now, the recipe calls for a pound of fresh, pitted cherries. I found canned Oregon brand red tart cherries packed in water so used a can of those, well drained. They go in next, along with 1/2 cup chicken broth (I used 1/2 cup water and a boullion cube) along with (they want 2 tbsp orange marmalade, I used strawberry ), then 1 tbsp vinegar (they wanted special vinegar, I used plain white) and shake in some red pepper.

Now, get another pan and use a couple tbsp olive oil and brown the small bits of meat you have ready. Add them to the other pan. Sort of simmer with a bit of salt and pepper for about 5 minutes over low heat.

I hope this all makes sense. I also cooked a pot of rice and added cooked, shelled emamame beans, and it was all good!.

Now, the powers that be have discovered that the little boys from the FLDS ranch have had multiple bone breaks. Either they have been abused or this is a result of brittle bones from inbreeding. Bah. People should have to take courses and get a license to have children.

Our lovely minister will be gone for three weeks. I know he gets a vacation, but I hate to see him go. He hs promised to come back, though. He found a good translation of the Bible on tape and I am going to start with the NT and try that, instead of Harry Potter, to go to sleep. Maybe the Bible will keep me awake! Interesting to see what happens.

Here is the prayer we use at the close of our service, weekly:

Lord Jesus, I am willing:
To receive what You give,
To lack what you withhold,
To relinquish what You take,
To suffer what You inflict,
To be what you require.
And, Lord, if others are to be
Your messengers to me,
I am willing
To hear and heed
What they have to say.