Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm just recovering

from a totally busy weekend!. Sarah came to help out and gollee, I just get tired watching her. She and Nancy both move so fast and get so much done. MB and I get a lot done, too, but we also rest between things. Sarah put more casseroles in the freezer, and I have a few left from when nancy brought some, so we are in good shape. She cleaned my garden!!!!!! And replanted things and moved them, etc. I am very pleased with the way things look now. The Texas Columbine is in full bloom and so are the roses. Other things will follow. I expect the garage pickup people had a hernia this AM as we put out 6 bags of yard trash as well as normal household trash. The garden isn't large but it is too large for me alone. I never thought this would happen.

We visited Nancy and Scooter's for lunch and that was really nice. Sarah took home two baby kittens, who meowed the entire 5-6 hours home, but who are really happy to be there, now. The dogs seem to tolerate them well, tho they aren't quite sure what they are.. S. won't leave them out together when she is at school, for some time. She has an extra bedroom for the cats, until they all make friends.

George starts training for his Census taker job, in the morning. I am going to really love Thursdays. I go to Mertzon and get to tutor some of the children, teach my Bible class and now baseball is starting and Spencer is such a good little player and loves it so that we love to watch him. Bible class is settled on a place and time, finally. 4 PM in Nancy's classroom.

Doctor's appointments this week, also. This seems to be a continuing thing. We leave Friday after next for Houston and Lake Jackson, again, for s-i-l's 90th birthday. She is still going strong. Mary Beth and Ken as well as the Scotts are going to this also. All on the fly. This family really hangs together. Well, we all like each other.

I missed church this Sunday and will be glad to get there on Wednesday as well as next week. I always miss it when I am not there. What Stan has to say is always so powerful I don't want to miss a word.

God be praised for a great family! All of them!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A frustrating couple of weeks

been around here. The computer has had three operations, and if this one doesn't hold, I may have to take an axe to it.

We went to Houston to George's 68th (I think) high school class reunion. Very nice people, nice Racquet Club and a good lunch. We stayed with the Barnes (great hosts, y'all) and will do so again when we go back for Aunt Betty's 90th birthday party. All this running up and down the road has to stop pretty soon. Dean and Barbara let me sleep on the sofa downstairs so I didn't have to face the stairs. I managed to trash the room, but I left it clean. I am just basically a bag lady. I carry many, use few but am greatly comforted to have all my 'stuff' with me. The Barnes set up their computer so that we could see and hear Susan and Lucy. What a joy! Susan plans to spend some time in Houston this summer and for this there will definitely be another trip there. Can't wait to see Lucy!

Did I tell you Mally (granddaughter) won silver for second place in the state science fair? She is a 6th grader, and we are really proud of her - and of the other kids, too. The Scotts have moved back to town and their kitchen is almost all set up. The new additions and remodeling are just amazing. Gorgeous and useful as well. We are going out there for lunch on Sunday. Yeaaaaa.

Today I taught my first Bible study in Mertzon. Not well attended, but even one is worth teaching for. We are doing the 10 commandmants. I tucked that in after tutoring Nancys children. This is so very rewarding. She has four and we are reading, analyzing and using proper expressions. One has even learned what a question mark means. Hallelujah! We are under a tornado watch tonight but are not sleeping in the bathtub, God be praised. Dad always insists we will go there for this kind of weather. So far it isn't even blowing , so no bathtubs tonight.

Sarah will be here tomorrow to do lots of helping me - and I really need it, it seems. She is going to make King Ranch Chicken and freeze some of that for us. Yum.

Seeing lots of doctors these days. We have several symptoms for which a reason must be determined. I keep telling the doctors I have plans made for the next 12 years, so get busy and make me well. My doctor says I am like a leaky boat - as soon as he plugs one leak, I spring another. At least we have an interesting life.

Deo gratia...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A week without computers

is a lost week in many ways. It took that long for it to be repaired, and I am grateful to the fixers and Nancy for getting it done. Blessings be upon you.

I saw the internist yesterday and he informed me that I was like a leaky boat. He says as soon as he plugs one leak, another one springs open. Surely he exagerates. I feel really pretty good, all things considered. Lots of doctors to see this week and next and they will make me feel even better. Thanks be to the God of all things, who never forgets even the smallest of us.

Amen and amen