Friday, December 17, 2010

an absorbing book

I don't usually tout a book in this venue, but want to call your attention to this last one I read. "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky." I picked it up casually, but I'm glad I did. It details the events in the life of an American woman who went to Yemen to be a teacher of journalism to Yemenis who put out an English newspaper. She finds herself the effective editor as well, and since I knew little about Yemen, I am gratified to know this much more. Included are her trials with reporters with absolutely no journalistic training, imperfect English and the national crisis with the drug qat. It is hard to see how such a nation can ever leave the third world status it occupies when almost all of it's inhabitants are stoned most of the time. However, her efforts are heroic and funny and ultimately rewarding - do give this book a try.

Blessings to all....especially at this blessed time of year.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yesterday morning,

as I entered the narthex of the church, I saw many people waiting to go in to church, and on each face was a huge smile. Then I felt the love in the room - so thick I could almost hold it in my hand. This is my home- it is where I belong. Then we went into the sanctuary and worshipped with song, prayers and learning. I was privileged to read the first lesson, from Isaiah - 'and a little child shall lead them'. Talk about cold chills! These experiences get deeper and deeper each Sunday. I know God is preparing me to come home, and that it will get deeper and deeper, although I can't imagine this now. As the Narnia books say ' further in and farther out' (?) this deepness defies expession. Soon I'll know. But the people who say "love makes the world go around" are right, and most of them don't even know the sort of love of which I speak. Some day we all will. Maranatha!

As I reread this, I think I may sound as if I am dying. As far as I know I am not. I just think all worship services and fellowships should be like this one was - filled with the Holy Spirit.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is a coming.....

And I don't know about fat geese, but I have finished shopping. Every year I say I will only gift the young grands and the 1 great grand, but somehow I wind up not doing this. I have found the easy way,though. I can't walk or stand for long, so I get dozens and dozens of catalogs and there is plenty in there for everyone. Oops! Take it back - I still have to go to bookstore, but that is a vacation for me- they have chairs and I can sit and browse. I am buying books for the grandsons who are still in public school and they are books I have loved, so getting them is great fun.

Ana is here hanging up clothes and helping me put a better light in the closet. I can't tell you how many mornings I have started off to church with either navy or black pants on, only to discover that they are not the color I thought they were, when I get into the outside light. DH thinks this is hysterically funny and keeps whispering to me that everyone is pointing at me for having on the wrong pants. I may have to kick a shin or two,here.

I am taking antibiotics and they are helping, finally. Of course if I had done this a couple of weeks ago, I could have saved myself misery, but I keep thinking I can beat this one on my own. Found out I couldn't, though. My shoulder replacement is scheduled for Jan 3. I hope this is an easy one. Also hope it is the last one.

I wonder why everyone is so hysterical about being patted and wanded at the airport. I have had to do this for years, having three pieces of titanium in me. I wear moccasins or sandals and socks and make the officials help me get them back on, since I can't reach my own feet. I read somehwere that muslims in burkhas are exempt from this, but I really doubt this is true. Really, what's the point?

Maybe tomorrow we can get to the stock show. The kids are showing goats and pig (singular) and maybe rabbits? I do enjoy it, but the dust and I are sworn enemies. We'll see how it goes.

Blessings to all of you, especially at this blessed time of year.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five again

l. What is your favorite movie for watching when you are curled up under a wooly blanket?

The Odd Couple - just breaks me up. Also like Amadeus and Swan Lake.

2. Describe what book you would read in the same situation.

Depends on how I feel. Right now I am curled up with Dr. Doolittle, which I haven't read for 60 years. Then, there's always Harry Potter.

3. What foods do you tend to eat/cook when it's cold? mmmmm - Chicken and rice, stews and soups, scrambled eggs, and bacon - when the doctor lets me eat bacon.

4. What would you do on a snow day, or a pretend snow day? Read, of course, knit, eat. Maybe take out all my yarns and play with them - but then I'd have to put them back.

5.Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, (ed comment - NO!)or are you more likely to be indoors playing board games.

I'd play board and card games gladly, but for the games I like - scrabble, aggravation, 5 crowns, Up words, etc., DH won't play with me. He says I always win. I don't, but if he doesn't win 4 our of 5 times, he won't play. I used to import grandchildren forthis, but they have grown too big,now. Sob.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not so good here..............

This morning I woke to find my right forefinger knuckle and the joint just above it huge and red and really, really tender. You'd think I'd be used to things not fitting my plans here, but I have
three commissions for scarves sitting right in front of my face. Little by little my body is letting me down and it seems to be speeding up. Sorry to whine, but I'm not too good at accepting the inevitable if it interferes with my plans. Looks as if there's not going to be much knitting for awhile. Hope my customers aren't totally antsy to get their scarves. I do know a way to knit and not use that finger much - I may try that but is very frustrating for me to do. Getting older is fun sometimes, but when you see your facilities going, one by one, sometimes you think the only thing left is the brain. And sometimes I wonder about that.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miracles abound.......

This morning when I unplugged my cell phone to go to church, it flashed a message to me. Something about having already updated and changed the time on my phone. Now, how on earth did it know how to do that? I never told it anything. I'm beginning to feel almost like living in Harry Potter Land.

You willhave guessed by now that I am only semi literate about these things. I started touching my first computer at the age of 64 - I've come a long way and can usually make the computer do what I please, but the idea of a phone actually doing something that changed this year to a new weekend -- I'll never get how it knew to do that - how the people who built it knew to make it do that. I am in awe at the technical evolutions going on in the world. My grandchildren can take a computer and make it do anything but take out the garbage. Such a brave,new world.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Short sermon

Tonight's gospel lesson was from St. Luke, 11:37:52

The sermon was 9 words long-----

'Don't compare other people's outsides with your insides.'


Friday, October 1, 2010

Worth a mention

I have just finished a book, as you will see if you read my list, called Mornings in Jenin, by Susan Abulhawa. Where has my head been all these years? I bought the line that the Palestinians lived in tents and were all illiterate, and the Jews needed a homeland. I also bought that it was fairly done and the losers were given houses and education. How could I have bought that line? I do remember being in Jerusalem and seeing many Arab children, eyes and noses covered with flies, begging on the streets. I rounded on our guide and demanded do know why these children weren't in school. His answer was that it was their parents choice - that they wanted the money begging brought in, and didn't care about school. I realize that many, if not most, books about controversial subjects are highly biased, and this one probably is also. But there is too great a divide between what the book portrays and what we have been told. Instead of being given places to make homes, the Palestinians went into camps, and may be still there. There are right and wrong ways to do things, and if this is an accurate portrayal, the founding of Israel in our time has been bloody and horrible. Perhaps we have judged the Palestinans by the PLO. I only know that it is time I read more of both sides of this exchange, and tried to arrive at a fair and accurate story of what actually is. I think I know what it should be.

Sorry about the rant. Every once in awhile I go on one, but I think this one is justified. Maybe everyone else knows more than I do about the subject, but I expect to know more soon. Anyone want to suggest material to read or other ways to educate myself on this subject?

Blessings to all..

New Friday five....

Friday Five: Cruise Ship Ministry
Thanks to our Kathrynzj for today's Friday Five. She says: ...for today's Friday 5 I thought we'd hit on the things that give us energy in ministry and the things that take it away:
(Please note that I am not in paid ministry but a layperson...!)

1) What are a few of the tasks that you find tedious/energy sucking in your ministry position? Please note I said 'tasks' not people :) Meetings where people just gab when we are supposed to be studying the Word. For a while I did the Daughters meeting lesson and nobody gabbed (do you suppose that is because I am a professional teacher and I give the evil eye to everybody who doesn't behave?)and I think they took ideas away from what was said. I just want to get the job done and go home.

2) Is there anything you could do to make one of them better? Maybe bring knitting, breathing deeply and loudly, (no,no , not that), no wine - too many members of AA. , enlist others indivually to see what we need and let them spread the word. Yes!

3) What are a few of the tasks that you find energizing in ministry? Worship leadership, talking informally with people, teaching Bible classes, but most of all, singing!!!

4) If given a quarterly spiritual day, how would you want to spend it? Reading my books on spirituality andlistening to appropriate music. (well,MB, we are much alike.)

5) If given a quarterly spiritual day, how would you actually spend it? Reading, probably. :)
Same here. And Singing. Loudly.

BONUS: What would your Dream Ministry job include? Listening to people over the long term. And the physical ability to direct a children's choir and do children's musicals. Let's face it, children are more fun than adults and they ask honest questions and get honest answers from me. I looooove children. But my body won't do this anymore, so I teach adults. Less fun, but needed.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Five time again...

As posted by me (MB)at RevGals today: Music is a part of the human experience, and part of religious traditions the world over. It is evocative and stirring, and many forms of worship are incomplete without it.

Our title comes from a quote popularly attributed to St. Augustine: "He who sings prays twice." A little Googling, however, indicates that Augustine didn't say exactly that. In fact, what he said just doesn't fit well onto a t-shirt. So we'll stick with what we have.

"Singing reduces stress and increases healthy breathing and emotional expression. Singing taps into a deep, age-old power available to all of us. When we find our voice, we find ourselves. Today, sing like you mean it." And let's talk about the role music plays in your life and worship.

1. Do you like to sing / listen to others sing?
Yes and every way I can think of to say yes!. It is part of my life and breath. It is as necessary to me as breath itself. I spent my life singing mostly alto, until a wise choir director asked me why I was doing that, as I was a soprano in his opinion. I told him I thought I had to be an alto because my cousin was and I did as much as I could to emulate her. That day I became an official soprano.

2) Did you grow up with music in worship, or come to it later in life? Tell us about it, and how that has changed in your experience.
Early on, going to the Episcopal church, I learned about music and singing. The sad part of that church was that I could only sing loudly when the choir was right beside me in the aisle. I longed for a place to sing at the top of my lungs. But I loved the settings of the prayers and the scripture and found later when I began to study the Bible seriously that I already knew lots of the passages because I grew up singing them. When the Fisherfolk music (from Redeemer, Houston) came on the scene, I enbraced it enthusiastically. We took guitar lessons (had to get 3/4 size guitars for Nancy and Mary Beth, they were so small. But we all played and sang for the services. Funny story abvout that - you know how many of us never think we are ready. One Sunday my priest informed me I was playing for the service the next week. I protested that I was only sure of the G and D chords. He told me that was fine - that he had backup teenagers coming for a few weeks and whenever they played a G or a D I was to play. It worked, Soon, I didn't need the teens.

3) Some people find worship incomplete without music; others would just as soon not have it. Where do you fall?
Probably with the first group. I love the intimacy of compline, but I really need music to have a full worship experience.

4) Do you prefer traditional music in worship, or contemporary?
I love it all, except for the ultra modern screaming sort which some people call music and I call noise. We have a lot of contemporary music as our main musician/leader plays guitar. We do have a pianist and an organ when we can find someone to play it. Henry would just as soon tackle something from the hymn book as a newer piece. I was so into the Fisherfolk music that I resisted the newer models but have learned to worship with them also. DH and I spent a number of years singing with the Sacred Harp group where we lived and thoroughly enjoyed this - we don't have a group in San Angelo or we would be still going. There is a totally different experience. I recommend you try it, if possible. You will either love it or hate it. A friend once said it sounded Elizabethan to her.???

5) What's your go-to music ... when you need solace or want to express joy?
I don't know how to post music, but the old hymns have a high place for me as do the old southern hymns. When I am in the car alone, I am always singing,usually as loudly as possible. I have been lost at time, when I am lost in my music but I always find my way home. I directed a group of girls who did Christian musicals for many years, and we all learned a lot beside music here. But the music was great. As a child of about 10 years I used to go to our church, climb the steeple and play the chimes. I played all the hymns, made occasional mistakes, but not too many - and this music went all over the town. The miracle is that no one ever came and said "Little girl, you are not allowed to be up here playing with the chimes -go home immediately!" No one ever came at all. How very freeing.
We have 40 music channel options on our TV and DH usally chooses classical music, to which I sing along. My dad taught me to sing opera when we were out fishing. We didn't catch too much but we had fun. Can you tell that music is essential for my very life?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aother Friday Five

September 03, 2010
Friday Five: Storms of Life
Martha says at RevGals: I'm listening this morning for word of Hurricane Earl. Is he coming to visit, or will he bypass my part of Maine and move further Downeast, or veer toward Nova Scotia? Should I buy those bottles of water, just in case wind brings branches and power lines down? And how many times will the tracking map change today?

Herewith, a Friday Five about the storms of life:

1) What's the most common kind of storm in your neck of the woods? Tornadoes out here, and hail also. Sometimes the hail is as big as oranges. Ouch!

2) When was the last time you dealt with a significant power outage? When we lived on a river island at the beach ('91-99). We were on the least occupied end of the county and we were sometimes 11 days without power. That Christmas I received a gas powered generator for my gift - I was tremendously pleased. Our water supply depended on electricity as well as the freezers and fridge.

3) Are you prepared for the next one? Well, we don't live there anymore. Now it's tornados and hail. No, no, not prepared. We can't get the car into the garage and we have two skylights.
When we did live there, well the good thing about hurricanes is that you can prepare. I am an old hand at that.

4) What's the weather forecast where you are this weekend? Well, sunny, in the '50's at night, high, 90's and above in the daytime. Ideal

5) How do you calm your personal storms? I just sit and be. I pray. I don't talk. I hurt. I walk through them After awhile they go away.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Friday five......

Mindful that many others are heading off to further schooling or delivering their loved ones to the institutions that provide it, here are five questions about dorm life.

1) What was the hardest thing to leave behind when you went away to school for the first time?
Nothing! Boy was I ready! Of course I was in my home town, and all my high school friends were in the class, too. But I was "out of the house, hooray"

2) We live in the era of helicopter parents.
They didn't make a fuss. My helicoptering mother came to my room every week and picked up mylaundry to do at home. I wish she hadn't.

3) Share a favorite memory of living with schoolmates, whether in a dorm or other shared housing. I loved being able to stay out at night until 10:00 - yes, we had a curfew.

4) What absolute necessity of college life in your day would seem hilariously out-of-date now?
Really, nothing. The rooms were bare, we had a bed, a table, a chair, a lamp, some sheles and a closet (very small). Nothing else was allowed, but I could be messy if I wanted, and I wanted.

5) What innovation of today do you wish had been part of your life in college?
Bathrooms for each room. Everyhbody used the ONE bathroom at the end of the hall. And computers, too.

Bonus question for those whose college days feel like a long time ago: Share a rule or regulation that will seem funny now. Did you really follow it then? No men in the dorm EVER! Regular curfew of 10 PM, and old ladies who lined up to sniff us when we had a late night after a dance. We could have been drinking, you know! If caught we would be shipped - this means sent home in disgrace. Still, these rules were better than the ones I had at home, and you bet we followed them! O my - how long ago that was. 1949, forevermore ago..

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Yeast and hot air.....

I’ve been thinking for some time about the connection between yeast and pride. Our God fusses about yeast, and our Jewish friends make a big deal about getting all of the yeast out of their house once a year for a feast. But yeast is not what God hates. He hates what the yeast does to the dough. It causes it to puff up and have lots of hot air in it – which makes it taste good to us. The real problem is not yeast but pride. It does the same thing as yeast does, but to humans. We are all puffed up about something, and consequently full of hot air. God wants us to know that we are to have no pride, because we can accomplish nothing he has not been in us doing – nothing worth while, that is.

As I look back over my life and my career, I realize how blessed I have been. To have a job, a profession, which made me so glad that some mornings I just laughed out loud to know that I got paid to do that which I so loved. And I have been successful. I know I have made better the lives of several hundred children. Still, I could have done none of this without the Lord.. I remember many times when, faced with troubled or just plain contrary children, the right words miraculously came out of my mouth. Was that me? By no means. God ran my practice and worked with those children through me. All I needed was to open my mouth and let Him have at it. Many times I was suprised to hear myself say some of the things I said. It was like magic.

With this though, all the pride I have has to leave. None of this was my doing. He guided me into this work, by a very circuitous path and he gave me joy and success. He did this. Not I.
David Pytches, in his book "Spiritual Gifts in the Local Church", comments (page 135) that “some people have recurring childhood dreams. ……. Some revelations may be for our guidance”. I had such a dream as a youngster, over and over. I was running from something evil (typical) and I had to go through a room with nothing in it, just a door in and another door on the other side to open and go through. The hard part was that each new door was just a bit smaller than the one I had just gone through. I remember having to work very hard to make myself smaller and smaller so that when I came to the last door, I would fit through it. The times I made it, the door was tiny, and when I entered, I knew I had defeated the chaser and that I was safe for all time. The room was small, a corner fireplace burning brightly, a comfy chair and a stack of books. Outside was a small walled English type garden. Maybe I think this is Heaven? Maybe. But, this dream was telling me, even as a child, that the kingdom of God is not entered by anyone who is full of hot air. John the Baptist tells us that he must decrease that Jesus might increase. We are told "strait is the gate and narrow is the way". Wow!

Decreasing, letting out the hot air of our pride, is a hard thing, but the door is very narrow through which we must pass to be with God. I am sure that God was telling me this, even as a child, and now, as a senior citizen I realize that all my accomplishments are as hot air, unless I know and credit Him, who gave them to me.

I am working on letting out more and more hot air, and I have been full of it! Such a lesson! But God started early on me and I am seeing what must be done to be fit for the kingdom of God. May we all meet there one day, free of hot air.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Five, again

August 20, 2010
Friday Five: Clutter and stuff

Jan says at RevGals: Since posting about decluttering, I am still muttering about the need for it in my house. How about you?

1. What things do you like to hang on to?

Everything, really. Because I might need it one day. I confess to being a child of the depression, and we really reused everything. I have eaten so many leftovers that it's still hard to throw them out. Sometimes DH looks at me mournfully when I give him three times leftovers. I wish my mother didn't still live in my head

2. What is hard to let go of?

Clothes that I haven't worn in years. Sentimental things here, too. I still have daddy's letter sweater from UF, and the medals he won in the hemispheric olympics in 1925. Need to get those framed, for sure, so they will be right when I pass them on - someday soon. Furniture, quilts, aggggh! What don't I keep? Everything, tho I have passed on whatever I can. Maybe I can organize all this ???? ( I keep saying this- it somehow makes me feel better)

3. What is (WOULD BE) easy to give away? Nothing, of course. Those small clothes? I will probably, hopefully, lose some of this weight. Maybe. Anyway, they are too good to give away. I make progress, tho. There is a recliner, a TV and a sack of clothes in the garage waiting for Christians in Action to come. There is always hope.

4. Is there any kind of stumbling block connected with cleaning out? Already said I will doubtlessly need it. This is even more ridiculous at my age. When will I need it? Probably never. Have a whole box of office supplies, jusst because I love them. No office, tho. So where in this is the need?- nowhere. Besides, my mother always told me never to throw a good thing away.
So there.

5. What do you like to collect, hoard, or admire? Books, mostly, and clothing, and yarn of course. I will win the 'whoever dies with the most yarn wins' contest. The good news is that I have stopped buying yarn and books - mostly. But the ladies at Fiber Arts keep giving me yarn.
So what can I do?

Bonus: Tell us about recycling or whatever you can think of that goes along with this muttering about cluttering.

No one here recycles, that I know of.. We used to recycle newspapers, but the resident out here who did this upped and died so no one picks it up any more. We don't drink soft drinks, and use few cans, but there are things we could recycle I guess????? But where? This is a relatively small town. We try to live as greenly as possible. (Is that a word?)

But all of you already knew this about me. The good news is that my friend, June, is in my life and she will sell anything I can part with on ebay for me. She already sold several useless collections and will doubtless get more. Yay, June!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday five...

1. What is the weather like where you live? right now, 102 degrees, and 107 for most of the summer. Aggh!

2. Share one thing you love about this time of year. I have a good excuse not to go out of the house.

3. Share one thing you do NOT love about this time of year. My poor flower bed is almost cooked.

4. How will you spend the remaining days leading up to Autumn? Knitting, weaving, spinning, reading and other good things.

5. Share a good summer memory. Being at St. Teresa beach ( in the armpit of Florida) for awhile. I grew up there and it is part and parcel of my being.

onus: What food says SUMMER to you? Home grown tomatoes. Sadly the deer like them too and I can't protect them properly, so off to the farmer's market.

As always, let us know in comments if you play. Post a direct link to your blog entry in your comment using the following formulation in the comment box: what you want the link to say goes here For a complete how-to ,click here.

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Today DH and I lifted a a glass to celebrate the time sequence of 05;06;07;08/09/10, since this particular sequence won't come again until some time in the next century. It seemed fitting, and funny. We enjoyed it, including the countdown, which was loud. Fun is important.....

Blessings to all.......

oops! not the next century - the next millenium!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What can happen when someone rear-ends your car

Yesterday, unfortunately, a lady who drovelike a speed demon crunched into the rear end of my car as I was making a turn. Long story, but the funny part is here. Today we had to go to the police station and pick up a report, which cost $6.00, if you please. It was $5 but the girl wanted to know if I wanted a cawcauw. I said, "a what?" and she said "you know, a cawcauw." And I thougnt, it might be worth a dollar to find our what a cawcauw is, so I said "sure, lets have a copy." It turned out to be a cop call. . I wanted to take her sweet little face in my hands and say "watch my lips and say COP CALL." But I didn't. I was a teacher too long for this not to amuse and infuriate me. I know language is in constant change, but I can't say I like it all.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Five......

Five things I like about where I live, and one that I don't..............

1. It is just the right size. I can be anywhere in town in 15 minutes providing I don't get lost.

2. I live in a senior retirement housing community and so things are very, very quiet, Love this.

3. I am close to daughter #4 and the grands there and participate in their activities as much as I can.

4. I go to the bestest church I ever had. The Anglican church of the Good Shepherd.

5. It's dry and hot out here, but I've learned to appreciate the starkness of it all.

and one thing I don't -
1. I am way, way, way too far from my other daughters. We need to be closer and this is frustrating.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

5 things I love

Over at RevGals, Songbird invites us to share five things we love, or don't love, about SUMMER.

Sorry the photo didn't make it.

1.St Teresa, Florida, is one of my earliest memories. My granddad threw me off the dock with my dad just below, to see if I could swim. This was before I could walk. And I did swim All I needed was fins!I truly love this place. It is like no other.

2.I love the people in my church. I was never in one in which everyone (literally) loved everyone else, and was always ready to help

3.I love gulf seafood, which I darent eat right now. Bah!

4.I love my very small flower garden. It is an occasion for joy when something actually blooms!

5, I love the A/C in my house so I can be comfortable when it gets to 107 degrees

Friday, June 11, 2010

I am having a real problem

with the phrase "no problem'. For years, my thank yous have been sincerely meant, and You are welcome has been the answer. Welcome sounds as if the responder has really been glad to render a service. On the other hand, "no problem: sounds to me as if the service wouldn't be offered had it not been convenient. This bothers me every time I hear it, though I continue to say you are welcome. Does this bother anyone else, or am I too picky?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am going to talk about being old and getting older. Fr. Stan suggested I write a book about it. I can't do that, beacause it is different for everyone. But I can say that, while I am not in great shape, I fully expect to get better and I am glad to be alive. Dead will be ok, too. I know where I will be, but life is to be enjoyed. I have many wrinkles, too much weight and what seems to e a ton of ailments, but that is ok, too. Mostly because it has to be. I could lose the weight, and wrinkles are ok with me, but the ailments I can do without.

Our children want us to go to the ER for every twinge we have. Actually they are more realistic than that. When Dad fell last week, the first question from everyone was 'did you go to the hospital?' Well, no. I got him in the bed and checked him over and figured I would give him time. We both have seen the doctor since, and he is having lots of tests. It's hard for me to realized he is nearly 85 - soon we'll have a 46th anniversary. And kids, I promise I will call the ambulance when I need to.

But back to my original premise, getting old means a great many changes. Some are welcome, as in resting a lot more, and some are very frustrating. I had to have much help to get my teeny garden in order this year, I have to make allowances for pain control and shortness of breath. Lots of both of them. I practically live in this TENS unit, and I thank God for it. And, of course, my brain just won't work the way it once did. We both tried to remember the name for raw fish and it wouldn't come. Usually it does, at least by tomorrow. But I wanted to finish the crossword I was doing. That part is still blank, but I will remember it eventually.

I've always heard that old age is not for sissies. Actually it is, it just means more adaptation to the limitations that exist. If you can't adapt, you won't make it. You also need to find things to laugh at. Laughter really helps. Sometimes I watch Caddyshack over, just to laugh. Or look at the old movies of my my kids learning to manage roller skates. I've given up dreaming about climbing trees and accepted that this isn't going to happen again in this life. Neither is racing the little sailboat just ahead of a fast moving squall, with George on the beach waiting to help me get it in and readied for a blow. I really loved it, though.

I have more time to ponder God and all His glories, and to read about Him. Only I read a book the other day by an author who keeps asking 'who is God?'. I finally decided if he didn't know, I didn't think I would read his book. I now have the time to let soak in the things that Fr. Stan teaches me, and time to reflect on them. I'm working at teaching three Bible studies right now and love learning each week from that. I'm always amazed at what I don't know. I now have some CD's of Fr. Stan's sermons. As visual a learner as I am, I find I need to hear them several times to really 'get it'.

So --- while old age is physically challenging, and sometimes mentally, it's not so bad. Stick around and try it yourselves. I think you'll like it, even as you adjust for it. I am grateful for my cane, and sometimes my walker. And when the electric chair becomes part of my life, as I am told it will, I will be glad to have that. I see people out in our retirement community who are joyful to be alive and some who are miserable. We don't go around the miserable ones. Actually, we mostly go to church. Everybody there is joyful.

Enough of this - love God, be happy and roll with the punches and you'll make it just fine.

3 hours later - Sushi!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In other matters,

Dad went out into the county, pretty far away to work the census. Several of the people had already been contacted several times and are getting pretty crabby about the continued intrusion into their lives. One lady really dumped on George - ranted on about how angry she was. He apologized and retreated to the car to do the paper work. In a bit, she knocked on his window, apologized for letting loose on him and had brought him a glass of tea. This whole census, unlike the one he worked in Glen Rose 10 years ago, is a complete mess. George is convinced that a scam or con is going on. I can't wrap my mind around how this could be, but maybe. Anyway, he told his boss he quit unless she wanted him to see people in the Angelo area. Who knows whether she will or not.

This episode has been wearing on him and I am glad he is out of it.

Final opinion

on The Lacuna. I'm sure this is an excellent book. Idon't think Kingsolver is capable of writing a 'bad' or poorly written book. My reaction to it is quite another thing. The first approximate half, as I may have mentioned. deals with the triangle of Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky and their eternal arguments. That the losers went to Mexico for refuge means that they melded with the Hispanic culture there and particularly in the home of Rivera and Kahlo. I found this wild emotionalism hard to read at time. This probably has something to do with my age and my need for a calm, rational bit of writing. The writing rings true - it simply was the way she describes it. The last part is another story - a straightforward look at the life of a man who grew up under the aegis of these people. He was a final victim of one of America's less admirable issues gone wild.

I think my whole problem with the book is that I think nothing of reading a 500 page book in a day. But a book of this dimension is no Harry Potter book and cannot be absorbed at this rate.
I may go back one day and reread this at a somewhat normal rate, and may enjoy it more. I know that this happens from time to time when I am racing through a book. Still, my gut reaction of "I don't want to read all this mess" may keep me from it. I usually seek out and enjoy history
of any kind so I am puzzled by my reaction.

Do let my not enjoying it cause you not to read it for yourselves. And let me know if I am on or off base, and how you feel about it. I really mean this. If people I know and respect enjoy reading it, this tells me quite a bit about my own shortcomings, and I face these all the time.


Friday, May 14, 2010

More "Lacuna"

As I plow through this book, after a disjointed and almost spastic introduction, it is developing into a very interesting history of the interplay between the Stalinist government in Russia, the interventions played by the activists in Mexico and the frequent interference by the government of our country. Maybe the author felt she had to establish the instability of the main character as he grows up, in order to understand him. Who knows. But it has developed into a book I think I will enjoy reading , altoughthis part of history is really unknown to me. So much for my criticisms.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barbara Kingsolver

Being a faithful reader of Ms. Kingsolver's books, and owner of most of them (so I can reread them), I ordered the newest one from the library _ The Lacuna,- expecting another marvelous book. I am struggling through it, and I am not enjoying it particularly. The story line hops all around, and the main subjects- 2 famous Mexican artists (Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera), who live very destructive lives, is not speaking to my heart. There is another main character, who seems to change lives seamlessly - ???. Further, I am not a fan of the Mexican art, tho I recognize that it is art. Don't know just what I expected, but not this. However, I shall plug along through this book and see if there is anything redeeming in it - for me. And try to figure out what is lacking that causes me to not enjoy it. Any ideas, anyone?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers in the group`

Unfortunately I was confused and said Happy Easter to some people who love me anyway. Whatever, have a happy one.

George took me to the fanciest place in town (and the prettiest) for a nifty dinner today. Its fun to blow off caution and just go. He also wore his sign (from last year) which says "I am nothing without my wife". I consider this almost beyond the call, but lots of people enjoyed seeing him wear it.

When Sarah was here, we planted a root from a common Florida lantana into a pot. She and I both thought it had life. Dad said if it lived he would rise up and call me Eloise ( for those who don't know, Eloise is my late, rather unpleasant aunt, who had the gift of making anything bloom. Literally anything ) Well today,I saw leaves and marched in calling myself Eloise. I am pleased it is doing well, But he can leave off calling me Eloise.

Ii've been using my teeny portable DVD player and am watching the entire third year of Gray's anatomy. If I keep watching, I get to see operations, and find them fascinating. I had wanted a medical career, but at that time, it was unheard of for most women, and too expensive, anyway. Now I think I would not have liked brain surgery, but thoracic or skeletal, well maybe so. Or maybe not a surgeon. After all, the kids have called me Dr. Butler for years.

Church was nice but amazingly short. Most people just weren't there. I guess they were off with their kids.

Cold here,but nice, especially since we don't have to be anywhere. Our next door neighbors have had another major falling out and he is gone and she is going. It was a strange May-December marriage. So now we will have new neighbors. Lots of turnover going on out here.

Shonna and Jason Parks (cousin to Scooter and dear friends of us all ) have moved out here. They want their children in school here and are exploring career possibilities for both of them. Their areas of expertise will fit in well in some ways. Welcome, to them all. We really enjoy them.

God be praised for yet another day........

Friday, May 7, 2010

If I ever said anything negative about

oxygen therapy, I now eat my words. After about 16 hours, I can actually breathe again, and am on the way to being much better. We are missing a great birthday this weekend, for a truly great lady - George's sister, but I am now listening to the doctor. What a switch that is!

So we have no firm plans for awhile except to rest and feel better. I am so happy we have food prepared in the house and all I have to do is defrost and eat. We are blessed with great daughters who love and take care of us.

Still reading, knitting and occasionally spinning, but wearing a mask to mess with fibers. I do teach my Thursday Bible Study in Mertzon and that's a blessing to me also. They don't mind waiting while I breathe. What a lovely group.

Deo Gratia, MJ

Monday, May 3, 2010

Shades of my youth

in Tallahassee at St. John's. The recessional Sunday was Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus!. And here I am with only enough air to mouth the words. Pfaugh!

Reader Alert: Whine coming!

First, I don't believe in whining and don't tolerate it, but some situations allow for a good whine about once a year or so. There I was with no air. My ribs hurt from fighting for air to breathe,tho it is easing. And I couldn't sing! Have an appt on Wed. with pulmonologist and if this takes oxygen, it will frustrate me - not enough to keep me from using it, but, this just isn't supposed to happen!!!!!
Another doctor told me they would help me get and use my wheelchair when the time came.!!
When the time came??? What time?? Huh????? I never planned for that to happen either! What wheelchair would this be? This is going to interfere majorly with my independence and I am SO NOT HAPPY! On the other hand, they never said death is imminent - the opposite, in fact. So.........whine over, folks. I am still functioning tho I sound like a death rattle when I breathe. At least I am breathing.

This is all just such a surprise. Also this morning's doctor says a shoulder replacement is essential and gave me a choice of Dallas or here. I choose here, which means the Dallas specialist will come here. Fine with me. All this will happen after I finish playing this summer -like going to the beach with the Scotts. I pray this oil spill won't reach our bit of paradise and I grieve for those who are having it. Also for the wildlife and sea life that is being killed. While I don't wamt to go back to horse and buggy days, I grieve that we are so dependent on oil. It causes destruction and wars. So do a lot of other things these days. Like people.

After some thought, it seems to me that the answer to all these current problems is adapt,adapt adapt. Then adapt some more. I can do that. I've spent 78 years doing that.I should have a PhD in "Adapt".

In other news (aren't you glad the whine is over?), we go to Lake Jackson this weekend for s-i-l's
90th birthday party. The next weekend, Mary Beth is coming (Whistles and streamers !) Hope we can get some things done and have some fun, too.

I backed out of the study tonight at Daughter's because of old 'no breath'. Too bad - it's good, this study. But I plan to teach my Commandments study on Thursday, regardless. If they have to wait for me to breath before I can go on, so be it. I have things to say! As usual!

In His name...

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm just recovering

from a totally busy weekend!. Sarah came to help out and gollee, I just get tired watching her. She and Nancy both move so fast and get so much done. MB and I get a lot done, too, but we also rest between things. Sarah put more casseroles in the freezer, and I have a few left from when nancy brought some, so we are in good shape. She cleaned my garden!!!!!! And replanted things and moved them, etc. I am very pleased with the way things look now. The Texas Columbine is in full bloom and so are the roses. Other things will follow. I expect the garage pickup people had a hernia this AM as we put out 6 bags of yard trash as well as normal household trash. The garden isn't large but it is too large for me alone. I never thought this would happen.

We visited Nancy and Scooter's for lunch and that was really nice. Sarah took home two baby kittens, who meowed the entire 5-6 hours home, but who are really happy to be there, now. The dogs seem to tolerate them well, tho they aren't quite sure what they are.. S. won't leave them out together when she is at school, for some time. She has an extra bedroom for the cats, until they all make friends.

George starts training for his Census taker job, in the morning. I am going to really love Thursdays. I go to Mertzon and get to tutor some of the children, teach my Bible class and now baseball is starting and Spencer is such a good little player and loves it so that we love to watch him. Bible class is settled on a place and time, finally. 4 PM in Nancy's classroom.

Doctor's appointments this week, also. This seems to be a continuing thing. We leave Friday after next for Houston and Lake Jackson, again, for s-i-l's 90th birthday. She is still going strong. Mary Beth and Ken as well as the Scotts are going to this also. All on the fly. This family really hangs together. Well, we all like each other.

I missed church this Sunday and will be glad to get there on Wednesday as well as next week. I always miss it when I am not there. What Stan has to say is always so powerful I don't want to miss a word.

God be praised for a great family! All of them!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A frustrating couple of weeks

been around here. The computer has had three operations, and if this one doesn't hold, I may have to take an axe to it.

We went to Houston to George's 68th (I think) high school class reunion. Very nice people, nice Racquet Club and a good lunch. We stayed with the Barnes (great hosts, y'all) and will do so again when we go back for Aunt Betty's 90th birthday party. All this running up and down the road has to stop pretty soon. Dean and Barbara let me sleep on the sofa downstairs so I didn't have to face the stairs. I managed to trash the room, but I left it clean. I am just basically a bag lady. I carry many, use few but am greatly comforted to have all my 'stuff' with me. The Barnes set up their computer so that we could see and hear Susan and Lucy. What a joy! Susan plans to spend some time in Houston this summer and for this there will definitely be another trip there. Can't wait to see Lucy!

Did I tell you Mally (granddaughter) won silver for second place in the state science fair? She is a 6th grader, and we are really proud of her - and of the other kids, too. The Scotts have moved back to town and their kitchen is almost all set up. The new additions and remodeling are just amazing. Gorgeous and useful as well. We are going out there for lunch on Sunday. Yeaaaaa.

Today I taught my first Bible study in Mertzon. Not well attended, but even one is worth teaching for. We are doing the 10 commandmants. I tucked that in after tutoring Nancys children. This is so very rewarding. She has four and we are reading, analyzing and using proper expressions. One has even learned what a question mark means. Hallelujah! We are under a tornado watch tonight but are not sleeping in the bathtub, God be praised. Dad always insists we will go there for this kind of weather. So far it isn't even blowing , so no bathtubs tonight.

Sarah will be here tomorrow to do lots of helping me - and I really need it, it seems. She is going to make King Ranch Chicken and freeze some of that for us. Yum.

Seeing lots of doctors these days. We have several symptoms for which a reason must be determined. I keep telling the doctors I have plans made for the next 12 years, so get busy and make me well. My doctor says I am like a leaky boat - as soon as he plugs one leak, I spring another. At least we have an interesting life.

Deo gratia...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A week without computers

is a lost week in many ways. It took that long for it to be repaired, and I am grateful to the fixers and Nancy for getting it done. Blessings be upon you.

I saw the internist yesterday and he informed me that I was like a leaky boat. He says as soon as he plugs one leak, another one springs open. Surely he exagerates. I feel really pretty good, all things considered. Lots of doctors to see this week and next and they will make me feel even better. Thanks be to the God of all things, who never forgets even the smallest of us.

Amen and amen

Monday, March 29, 2010


I think I can finally breathe - between bouts of coughing. I am going to be ok, but this is the worst it's ever been. Back to pulmonologist, asap!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahem! Borrowed

from Ross McSwain's column "Out Yonder"

Thought for the week:

Never buy anything with a handle on it - it means work.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

The Friday five this week has to do with movie going. I am having a very hard time copying and pasting just now, so just decided to muse about movies without the format.

Movies - Ummmmm. Well, we talk a lot about going, but somehow we never do it. This may sound nuts to you, but it takes a lot of effort to get your body up and dressed and find the (large amount!) of money required. Then drive to the movies, get a ticket and - aggggh! climb up the ramp and hope there will be something to hold on to as you climb in the dark and try to find a seat without falling all over the place. Plus I can't go without ear plugs, because the decibel level is insane. And deafening. It's just easier to stay home. So we do.

There are exceptions, though. We succumbed to the advertisements and my love of science fiction and went to see Avatar. Not sci-fi, but really good fantasy. It goes without saying that we go to all of the Harry Potter movies. I could live in that world, but we would have to have church. Somehow that wouldn't fit, so I just look on from afar. There are others we really want to see but it is just - as I said - easier to stay home and wait for it to come out on TV. While I was away this last weekend at Spinners Camp, Dad ordered HBO. Apparently he has been wanting this as he explained to me that it really was worth the extra cost. Whatever makes him happy --- maybe some of these movies will be on that.

We could go and rent a movie, but the player doesn't work. In fact we lost one of the controls and have to turn it on and off at the site. We can change channels, however. Did you guess that we are pathetically ill adapted to this technological world in which we live? You would be right. , if I rent movies I will surely forget where I put them, and they get tetchy about these things - they want late money. We remember what life was like before all of these new technologies. They are all wonderful, and would be better if they would work for us. However, there are always books. We are the favorites of the library. We keep their circulation numbers way up. And I usually find the books I have lost sooner or later. They wait, not always patiently, but they wait.

So --- this is how it is with movies and the Butlers. We read, we nap and we watch what we can get on TV. And we are happy with it. That's all that really matters.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long time, no blog...

Sorry about that.

Recent news, my former husband has just died. He had been very ill for quite some time, and this is the natural consequence of that. Our daughter Sarah and my grandson Marshall have gone to Jacksonville for the funeral. Sarah had just needed to have one of her beloved dogs put down, also, so this is really a hard time for her. Everybody hold her in your prayers, please. They will be home late Saturday night. Her two half brothers will stay with their mom for awhile, as is right and proper.

Mary Beth and I have just returned from Wildflower Spinners camp, at Lake Tyler in east Texas. We go every year and it just gets better and better. This year I returned with new toys, some fleece and many new skills. I am so pleased that Mary Beth is enjoying spinning. I gave her one of the wheels to live at her house. She is really quite good at this spinning. It took me much longer to learn. The food was typical of Earth Mother people (which is most spinners). A great deal of raw food and yogurt and tabbouleh and things for vegetarians and non vegetarians. And then, for some reason, after being super healthy, the desserts are sinfully delicious. Typical. Earth mothers do things their own way.

Many of these women raise their own sheep. goats and camelids ( llamas, guanacos, etc.) and we were given samples of all these fibers. We carded those that needed it and MB is going to spin and make a sampler scarf. Maybe. I hope. Next post I hope to have a photo of a huge room full of women with spinning wheels. It's a sight to see.

Dad has been ill, but seems to be getting better. With better weather, I think we all will feel more alive. The pecan trees in Denton are budding, which always means no more freezes. I have not found one here to check as yet, but a freeze is forecast for the weekend. Gotta go find that tree and check.

Nancy and co. are returning this weekend from their annual skiing vacation. The photos are great and I look forward to having the kids tell me all about it. I only got as far as water skiing - no snow in Florida. It seems to me that water skiing is safer. If you get in trouble, just let go the rope and you are safe in the water till the boat comes around for you. We learned to ski in the Gulf of Mexico and the best is jumping the waves and the wake from the boat.

I plan to start going to Mertzon once a week to tutor some of the kids in Nancy's class who are having reading problems. Then, I will stay and start teaching a Bible class, with the ultimate hope of either bringing people in to church, and/or starting a mission there.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Mally's field at the science fair was micro biology. FYI

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A couple of Sunday's ago the children went to church withme. Noticehow tall they are now!. Enjoyed having them, and they enjoyed being there.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I watched as my youngest granddaughter won first in the bio-chemical (I think-) area of the district competition and won second overall. So she has two tickets to the state competition. Whoop! We are proud of Mally! These kids were divided into juniors and seniors and Mally is just barely in the juniors. Her project was priceless.....

Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010 - Friday Five: Happy Lent!

1. Did you celebrate Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday this year? Any memories of memorable celebrations past?

I attended a pancake supper at our church. This one is prepared and served by the vestry and clergy. One of my happiest memories is from St. John's in Tallahassee, where I was christened and confirmed. The youth group there did the cooking and serving, making quite a mess. But it was glorious fun to do this service and to be thanked and praised for doing so. We did have an outstanding youth group.

The following is lifted from Mary Beth's pancake supper story.
"Looking back, one of my earliest memories is of a pancake supper at the church we attended when I was a LITTLE girl - maybe 3 or 4? Old enough to be picked up and held. My mother was talking to someone and I brightly pointed out,"Mommy, there's the Paster's wife!" Pronounced as if the woman's husband used paste for a living. What I wonder now is, where in the WORLD did I ssee the word "Pastor" since we never, ever referred to our Rector as that? It sas "Rector, Reverend, or Father (this was before women's ordination!) Reading, I'm sure; I still have a great number of words in my head that I know from reading and context but am not sure how to pronoun e properly. But Pastor? At four? A church geek from the start, I guess."

Here is your answer, MB:
for a few years, you and Nancy attended Bible School at the local Lutheran church with Christina and Bert Johnson. The sign out front listed both the pastor and the pastor's wife. Reading sounds, as you do, you came up with paster. Once I heard you and saw the sign, I got it, explained it to you and you had it right - but it became a source of family amusement. Once, at about 8 years old, I found a book at my grandad's house, titled The Four Horsement of the Apocalypse. I read anything I could find, so I read it, but I pronounced apocalypse with the emphasis on the third syllable. I'd never heard any0ne say that word. You are so very much my daughter! If we don't know how to say something, we just make it up! )

2. How about Ash Wednesday, past and or present?
I have always attended Ash Wednesday service, and was even permitted to leave high school to go to the noonday service, but my understanding of this service has changed and deepened. This year's was very serious and mindful of our mission in the world and of our own growth as Christians. There was no music for the noon service and somehow that made it more stark and realistic.

3. Does your church practice this joyful season? Are there emphases or practices to share? and
4. Do you have a personal plan of give-ups, take-ons, special ministries, and/or a special focus for your own spiritual growth between now and Easter?
As children we always "gave up' something for Lent, and hadn't a clue why we were doing it. For now, I add a discipline to my life in order to deepen my walk. I have several this year, and part of this is leading the group which will meet weekly at our home to study the message in the sermon the previous Sunday. For Anglicans, Lent is not a joyful time, but a time for introspection and preparing for the greater joy of Easter.

5. What is your dream for the image of Christ coming to perfection in you, the church, the world? How can we support you in prayer?
I don't see Christ coming to perfection in my imperfect self - not in this world, but I keep trying. I daily work toward a deeper relationship with Christ and His Father. Evangelizing by leading and teaching Bible studies is part of this. I seem to learn best by teaching.
Please pray for the unity of the church of Christ in this world, as this seems so difficult for most of us. Pray for Janet and Sarah, that their several illnesses may be healed. Pray for us all as we all live in bodies which are older today than they were yesterday. Ask that we use our time in a way pleasing to our Father.

Bonus: Forgive us Father, for we have sinned in wanting (passive) you rather than by willing (active) and in needing you and not asking. You have told us "ask and it will be given" and instead of asking, we tend to sit and whine. Stir us up so that it will be impossible for us to sit and whine, but will impel us to proclaim your gospel to all who will even listen.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dad and I served at the altar for the noontime Ash Wednesday service. It was a stark, lovely service. i read from Joel. No music, just words, some of them bleak. But then, Lent is bleak. I think I prefer this one to the evening one in which music is sung, so I'm glad we did this.

Lenten disciplines now begin.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

On Sunday,

Iwas all ready to go to church when I fell on my face in the corner by the bed. Not so bad, but I whacked my cheekbone on the corner of the table. This hurt a lot, so I announced it loudly. Dad brought me ice, and I went to church with an ice bag and kept it on there the whole time. Today it is growing purple and swelling. Just charming. I know it could have been worse, but darn it, did it just have to happen? I seem to be one of the folks who have visual-spatial problems, and you'd thing it would get better but

Today the stitchers group met here. Our reular meeting place was not available. So I cleaned some more and now the front part of the l-d room is nice. I have until next Thursday (of next week) before I begin leading a discussion of the sermon from the Sunday before. Between now and then, the table and bar have to be emptied. It would be helpful if these things went somewhere 'right' but there is no where 'right' so they are in the back, piled up. Maybe I need a small backyard fire. ????? A large one? How large is legal?

Getting more ice for face. Agggh

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am happy

to finally be getting well. Only today I did three things, and it was two too many. I nearly wiped out.

This will be a busy week. We are beginning small group meetings and an afternoon one will be at our house. I am getting the shovel out tomorrow. MB was supposed to come for the weekend, but was snowed in. That is such a weird concept for me. We do live in the south, after all. And after all the misery the snow has caused wouldn't you think we might get an inch or so? But no.....We did get rain, however, and it's always welcome.

I need a pattern for socks which uses a lace replacement for the ribbing. Anyone have one?

Tired, going to bed. Love to all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I put

my mother's dna back it its place and did not go to the store today. I stayed home and rested. It isn't as if we might starve - there is enough food here for an army - I just wanted to make soup. Tomorrow I will experiment with making soup with what I have. I may even look for a parsnip. This could get interesting.

No, no, no...

I am not better. I have been to doctor and have lots of meds. Now I will load up on these and go off to Walmart for groceries. I know, I know, I could send dad, who is better off that I am, but he won't do it right. No martyrs here, but I definitely know exactly what I want. How hard could it be, when I ride a cart, anyway? Then I will crawl in bed and listen to Harry Potter. I can quote along with the reader, you know. Very soothing, this - if I miss a few lines, I know what they are, anyway.

I sent my 7" DVD player to Scooter to see why I can't get a picture. He says I'm not likely to get one with a CD. I knew that - I really did!. Just thought I had a DVD in there. Now, if he will lay his hands on the DVD player connected to TV and make it work, I will be very happy. He's really a grand person. We are lucky to
have him in the family.


Sunday, February 7, 2010


No church today. Dad is recovering and I am definitely not. Nancy (she hides her wings but she is an angel) brought soup. meds. etc. to us today. She even fixed them and put them in our hands. I know this will just take time,and I am ok with waiting till it passes. Itis nothing awful, just a cold, but it's been years since I had one like this one. A belated birthday happy to Scooter. I sent him a little someting by Nancy - a chuckle.

Blessings, and good night (it the dayime)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The miseries....

We both have them. You know the kind - colds, stopped up heads, coughs, need I say more? But we managed to get out today and see Saxon play basketball (and he did well!) and then lunch and home to nap till it was time to see Spencer play here in Angelo. He also did well. It was really good to see all the children and the parents too. And the people in Mertzon who were at the games. We all have a common cause - we want to see our children do well and do it honestly and fairly. We see some teams that do not have this as a cause, but we are proud of our children for learning the values we(community, teachers, parents, grands's etc.) have taught them. Life is good, even with the miseries.

Church tomorrow? We'll see then. For now, bed.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life and times.....and all that.

My thanks to those of you who read this blog and comment on it. When that happens, I know I have reached a human being, and am not just blathering off into space.

Life has been extraordinarily peaceful lately - don't know why and I'm not about to rock the boat trying to find out. I now have two Bible studies to teach, and I gotta say I love it. I do the one for the Daughters meetings (try talking for just 20 minutes and then shutting up - me? ha!) Then, our minister has set up two weekly meetings - one at night and ours in the afternoon. We are to hear his sermon, take his list of comments home, read, muse, wonder, etc. and then meet at our house to discuss. Do you have any idea what it is like to be able to say I am having a meeting at this house? All the debris has not quite gone to the back, but it's on the way. I have dust in places I haven't seen in months. But it is doable and getting done! But I look forward to it. We hope to build a small community this way.

Also, also - George and I feel strongly called to start a mission in Mertzon. We even have found a building. Daughter Nancy and family live there and aren't going to any church right now. The pickings are slim out there. But G. is so frustrated by the rules of the whole thing. He somehow thought he and I could just waltz out and open this storefront up and all would be well. He thought I was being funny when I told him there were guidelines for this sort of thing, and we would have to be approved. We also need much support. He was stunned. I reminded him that I am 78 and living in a body that is not so well off, and he is 84 and has had quad bypass surgery as well as being diabetic. We will get the help we need, and I am as positive of that as I am that the call is real. He just is wrestling with the patience part of it. I will keep you posted. I think this will be fun, too (and I get to preach some more!)

Right now I am trying to count all the 'ask' words in the Bible. My mind is blown by how often we are told to ask and then we are told we have not because we ask not. I wish I could see the concordance better. Maybe there is a large print one somewhere.

I have new hope on the pain front. I interview someone from church each month and write a page about them. This last one was our outgoing senior warden, and his wife has always been sort of 'sick'. I didn't know much about it, but turns out she has chronic pain issues. So, while I use this TENS unit regularly, she has the same sort of thing implanted in her body. She can control it and recharge the batteries from the outside of her skin. Aaaamazing, yes? So, if things get worse, I can go that route.

Just talked to my sister who called to say Aunt Eloise has just died at 97. Also she said that now it is our turn to die and that they have decided that Grace has to die first, then me, and on down in age. I told her not to count on it. None of them can keep up with Grace (cousin) and me. So there.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help is greatly underrated by some

but not by me. Last weekend, Sarah came out, complete with food to cook for us for the weekend, and Nancy came. Nancy took away great grammas 3 piece antique love seat - chair set and took it to her climate controlled storeroom. At first it was scary, things were so bare. Then Nancy picked up the sofa (folks, this has a bed in it!) and moved it under the window. She had to leave pretty soon, so Sarah and I began going through all the piles of papers and other stuff. It is scary how much there is, but it has to be sorted. Because.....we found my passport, two insurance policies and a check. You just never know. At Nancy's suggestion, we now have accordion folders to sort mail as it comes in. Works like a dream. Of course, I have not had to transfer these things to the permanent files, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. It is really great to have the room look large and open, rather than cut in half. Thanks and kudos to these two girls. Next month Mary Beth will come and we will tackle some more. She keeps my nose to the grindstone too. Left to myself, I take on Scarlett's attitude - I'll worry about that tomorrow. I have heart, now, because I can finally see a difference. Thank you girls, all three. Don't know what I'd do without you. Find myself at the bottom of a pile of papers, probably.

My 3-5 kid choir is singing Sunday - doing Jesu, Jesu, which is a Ghanian song. We're using all sorts of wild instruments. We have wood blocks with sandpaper glued to them and handles on the top. They make a nice noise. Then we have hollow sticks, and yesterday I bought a block with a tapper for it. I have one little boy who has never yet missed a beat, so he and one other do the percussion. Not being a technical person, I have enlisted help and we wil be amplified this week. Somehow, when the kids can hear themselves the cut loose and really belt it out. Our next song will require bells and we have lots and lots of them. I'll have to write some percussion for Drew - that's why he is there.

Dad and I took the test for census workers. He worked the last one, ten years ago in Glen Rose, and likes going house to house. I am opting for a sit down computer job. Hoping that what I know will be enough. The test was not hard, but we only had 30 minutes to do 29 questions and a lot of them are convoluted in language. Being a fast reader helps, but only so much. These people can twist language around so you aren't even sure what the question is. I'll let you know what happens.

Blessings, all.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Too many 'fings'

One of my favorite books from my childhood on (I haven't left it yet) is "Helen's Babies." In this ,Toddie,
a wonderful little boy, comments something like: 'I don't want no more fings. I gots too much fings"
Like Toddie, I gots too much fings. The house abounds with fings. I have plans to get rid of these fings,
though. Sneaky, secret plans. Just you wait and see.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I saw my lovely neurologist. He is appalled at the state of my spine, but reluctant to consider surgery on an old lady with heart problems. He has decided I am not limited to three spinal shots a year, but can have as many as I need. He also RXed a newer and more versatile TENS unit for me. That's what a bunch of lumpy, useless discs can do for you. And I always took my calcium, too. It could be worse, tho. So, I don't have to stop my life and go off to a hospital, and that's always good news.

I am teaching a course for our women's group from an Andrew Murray on the Lord's prayer. I had forgotten what fun it is to teach. I don't know about the others, but I'm having a great time.

Sarah will be here very soon - weekend after next, I think. She has many plans and so do I. Chances are that won't get all of them done. We never do when I host a work weekend. But things are getting better and better. Nancy is going to help me rearrange this living room. It doesn't feel hospitable except for our recliners. I'm sure she can make it better - she has the 'gift'.

Blessings on all.

Friday, January 8, 2010


the rackafracking printer has decided to take a long nap. Gotta crawl behind this thing (and pray I can get back out) and check all the plugs. Fun? No. But it has to be done.

Monday, January 4, 2010


If it weren't for expensive dentures, I could chew nails. My email is simply gone. Away. And I can't get it back. Happily my nice man who knows how to make 'puters behave is coming tomorow. Meantime I am trying to send an important email via my gmail account. It isn't going either, as it says the addresses are not correct. This is mail for dh, so have to wait till he gets home to check his references. He has never understood that 'puters only talk to people who get things exactly right. Hurry, tomorrow.