Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Short sermon

Tonight's gospel lesson was from St. Luke, 11:37:52

The sermon was 9 words long-----

'Don't compare other people's outsides with your insides.'


Friday, October 1, 2010

Worth a mention

I have just finished a book, as you will see if you read my list, called Mornings in Jenin, by Susan Abulhawa. Where has my head been all these years? I bought the line that the Palestinians lived in tents and were all illiterate, and the Jews needed a homeland. I also bought that it was fairly done and the losers were given houses and education. How could I have bought that line? I do remember being in Jerusalem and seeing many Arab children, eyes and noses covered with flies, begging on the streets. I rounded on our guide and demanded do know why these children weren't in school. His answer was that it was their parents choice - that they wanted the money begging brought in, and didn't care about school. I realize that many, if not most, books about controversial subjects are highly biased, and this one probably is also. But there is too great a divide between what the book portrays and what we have been told. Instead of being given places to make homes, the Palestinians went into camps, and may be still there. There are right and wrong ways to do things, and if this is an accurate portrayal, the founding of Israel in our time has been bloody and horrible. Perhaps we have judged the Palestinans by the PLO. I only know that it is time I read more of both sides of this exchange, and tried to arrive at a fair and accurate story of what actually is. I think I know what it should be.

Sorry about the rant. Every once in awhile I go on one, but I think this one is justified. Maybe everyone else knows more than I do about the subject, but I expect to know more soon. Anyone want to suggest material to read or other ways to educate myself on this subject?

Blessings to all..

New Friday five....

Friday Five: Cruise Ship Ministry
Thanks to our Kathrynzj for today's Friday Five. She says: ...for today's Friday 5 I thought we'd hit on the things that give us energy in ministry and the things that take it away:
(Please note that I am not in paid ministry but a layperson...!)

1) What are a few of the tasks that you find tedious/energy sucking in your ministry position? Please note I said 'tasks' not people :) Meetings where people just gab when we are supposed to be studying the Word. For a while I did the Daughters meeting lesson and nobody gabbed (do you suppose that is because I am a professional teacher and I give the evil eye to everybody who doesn't behave?)and I think they took ideas away from what was said. I just want to get the job done and go home.

2) Is there anything you could do to make one of them better? Maybe bring knitting, breathing deeply and loudly, (no,no , not that), no wine - too many members of AA. , enlist others indivually to see what we need and let them spread the word. Yes!

3) What are a few of the tasks that you find energizing in ministry? Worship leadership, talking informally with people, teaching Bible classes, but most of all, singing!!!

4) If given a quarterly spiritual day, how would you want to spend it? Reading my books on spirituality andlistening to appropriate music. (well,MB, we are much alike.)

5) If given a quarterly spiritual day, how would you actually spend it? Reading, probably. :)
Same here. And Singing. Loudly.

BONUS: What would your Dream Ministry job include? Listening to people over the long term. And the physical ability to direct a children's choir and do children's musicals. Let's face it, children are more fun than adults and they ask honest questions and get honest answers from me. I looooove children. But my body won't do this anymore, so I teach adults. Less fun, but needed.