Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Uh - oops.....

Just had word from my very necessary Medicare drug supplement program that I have now reached the limit of $2420. with my combined payments and theirs for meds. In June, yet! So I am in what is called the 'donut hole". This means that I have to pay for the next $1680. of meds, document this carefully and send the receipts in. This reaches $4000. And then, and then, and then!!! The excellent news is that Blue Cross has to pay for ALL of my meds for the rest of the calendar year. (EEk, I think Pollyana is back!) Really, this is a very uneven way to do things. Plus, they don't even cover all of the meds we take. Dad will reach the donut hole in about August. I used not to take so many pills, but since the heart cath, they have been piled on. I"ve managed to rid myself of a couple of them, but the others seem necessary. Or so the doctors say.

Note to all of you. While you are working, be sure to put aside enough to supplement Medicare and pay for both supplement insurances for medical needs. Also it'll be a good idea to get a nursing home policy. We never realized how important it is and hopefully will never have to need one.

I went to my chiropractor yesterday and while he isn't the best in the world, he does have what I call the 'Rack". I don't think they know the reference when I mention this name, but basically I am strapped to a table, and my spine is stretched out, first the lower, then the upper. It makes a major difference in the pain. Medicare doesn't limit my chiropractor visits. They used to try and one of the doctors sent them an x-ray of my lower spine and they quit quibbling about it.

Tomorrow we leave for Fredricksburg and I am really stoked! It's a fascinating place and I love to just wander around. Having the children, I will be able to see it through their young eyes and that will be lovely also.

I 'lost' Dad yesterday. He went off to deliver 'meals for the elderly' (in his early 80's) as he does about once a month. The office began calling me frantically to see where he was, and I was ready to walk out the door to see if he had had car trouble or something, when he walked in. Said he made his deliveries. So I phoned the meals office again, and the schedulers had put him on two routes at the same time. They did have the grace to apologize for scaring me. George is good, but even he can't be in two places at once. I knew he had gotten there or I would have heard from him. He is Mr. Dependable. I have now decided that the term 'elderly' probably refers to people in their nineties.

Be at peace with everyone. It's all gonna be just fine, by and by.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A new day---

Well, dears, today I had considered going to a children's church meeting to meet people from other churches in various areas. Mine is children's choir. I didn't go - made an appointment with chiropractor for a back workout instead. Besides, I know how to run a children's choir. The only problem I have is that now I don't have a choir, I have a duet. I am mad about these two little girls, and it takes guts for them to stand up and sing, just the two of them. I still am mulling how to get more children to sing, short of kidnapping.

Still stewing about this 'humble' thing. To me, humble = humility = humiliation. No, no, no!!! That can't be what it is about. I will keep stewing.

I'm also falling in love with cabling in my knitting. But to show off cables well, you can't use a wild mixture of colors. I must have some gypsy in me - no, a lot - because I glory in lots of color and texture to the point of overkill. Gotta watch that.

We leave for Fredricksburg on Thursday after lunch. I am so looking forward to doing this. I hope to take the children to my favorite herb shop for lunch and one day we will have lunch with Nancy and her fellow students. I also need a really good basil plant. My cooking is handicapped without this. I make pesto when the basil really gets going and freeze it in a divided tray. DH doesn't eat pesto, so I can take out what I want and give him his great love - catsup. Bleah. Sometimes I have to insist he at least taste what I cook before he covers it all with catsup.
Catsup - the great equalizer.

Choir practice tonight and it is always such fun. I have finally remembered Betty Pulkingham's descant for the Duke Street tune. I have to talk the guitarists into dropping down a couple of keys so I can reach all of it. Or rewrite, dropping those E and F notes. My soprano goes to D, sometimes to F and no higher. The bad news is that our two fabulous guitarists are going to be gone for two weeks! Aggggh! And they want me to bring my guitar. I'll do it, and they may well be sorry. I already told them I only played easy chords.

Pray for everybody - it works.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I found it!

Here's the poem I mentioned........

Because He is risen: a poem for Easter

Because he is risen
Spring is possible
In all the cold hard places
Gripped by winter
And freedom jumps the queue
To take fear’s place
as our focus
Because he is risen.

Because he is risen
My future is an epic novel
Where once it was a mere short story
My contract on life is renewed
in perpetuity
My options are open-ended
My travel plans are cosmic
Because he is risen.

Because he is risen
Healing is on order and assured
And every disability will bow
Before the endless dance of his ability
And my grave too will open
When my life is restored
For this frail and fragile body
Will not be the final word
on my condition
Because he is risen.

Because he is risen
Hunger will go begging in the streets
For want of a home
And selfishness will have a shortened shelf-life
And we will throng to the funeral of famine
And dance on the callous grave of war
And poverty will be history
In our history
Because he is risen.

And because he is risen
A fire burns in my bones
And my eyes see possibilities
And my heart hears hope
Like a whisper on the wind
And the song that rises in me
Will not be silenced
As life disrupts
This shadowed place of death
Like a butterfly under the skin
And death itself
Runs terrified to hide
Because he is risen

by Gerard Kelly

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sad news

My news this morning was that Mugabe's challenger has backed out of the election in Zimbabwe. Many people had been hurt in helping to unseat Mugabe, and this may be why, but these people had involved themselves willingly and I wish the election had gone on. Getting a true and free election in this country may be hopeless, however. I know God will take care of Mugabe in His own time, but in my humanness (sp?) I have to wish He would hurry. And yes, I know that is incredibly presumptious. Have to pray for the people of this country, even more.

I've just 'met' another blogger friend from Australia (New South Wales to be more specific). She is also an MJ and I am learning new things about down under from just reading her blogs. Thanks, MJ.

In other areas, Nancy is seeing her doctor again on Wednesday and will get her 'marching orders' for rehab. If my previous therapist is correct, one has just 6 weeks from time of surgery until you lose benefit from it. So she has four weeks. I know her well enough to know that she will do the painful work to get her mobility to the place it needs to be. I'm cheering for her.

MB and Sarah had a cooking day together last Saturday at Sarah's place. They make massive amounts of casserole food, keeping one for each and sending the rest to Janet's for her and Marshall. Sarah and Marshall are coming next month to spend a few days with us.

By late fall, maybe we can have another family reunion for the HG's. The last one was such a resounding success. Hopefully this time, we can all stay closer to the ranch - have to check with Scooter about this - he is always so hospitable.

Today, I set up the first appointment for cataract removal. This doctor only works one week a month in the summer- we should all be so lucky. So this work will be done one eye at a time, and a month apart. This happens in August and September. I'm getting tired of not seeing clearly. It is slowing down my reading.

In the other MJ"s blog I read a poem which I love. Try googling it if you want to read it. It begins

"Because He is risen, spring is possible "
I have to write for permission to reprint or I would do it here.

Forgive everybody - that works, too.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unbusy day

This morning I went to the shop for Nancy. It was the last day of the 50% off sale and they were expecting a crowd so I had two other broads there. Another was coming at noon. So they sent me home, but not before I had picked up a few of the things I have been wanting but wouldn't pay full price for. Yeehah! Lazy afternoon. Plans are now to meet Nancy in Fredricksburg this next Friday and keep the kids for two days while she goes to class. Friday is Mally's 11th birthday and Scooter will be in Washington with the Boy Scouts. I expect we'll have a hoorah party with a cake. Yeah! Besides we can wander the town or loll in the pool. I'm for lolling, myself.

Be at peace with everybody - it works. M

Friday, June 20, 2008

sun and sky

This afternoon we drove to Mertzon to Nancy's, even though they were all gone. We swam and I stretched my aching back. It always helps. Funny, the sky is bluer there and the oak trees greener. Dad says it is the smog in Angelo. I think he's yanking my chain, but I'm so literal I'm not really sure. I could join the Community health club here and swin there, but somehow, in the summer, anyway, it is so much better in the sun, under the blue sky. Nancy was somewhere in class for two days, with her dual knee braces and her sometimes crutches. Scooter and the kids have another fire at the ranch and were off to fight it. We do wish we could be of some use. We've told them if there is a bad one to call and we can come and make sandwiches and ice drinks and get them to them. I can still do food if I sit on a stool, but not much use fighting fires. I told the grandkids this and Saxon said "Your wisdom from living so long is more valuable than fighting fires." Do you believe this? I am honored beyond words. It isn't schmooze when they say it, because they got it direct from their parents. Don't I have great kids? The best!!!!!

I made my very own margarita this afternoon, Whoop! Now, time for dinner. Tomorrow I work in the shop as it is the last of the 50% off sale. I'll take my knitting,but it should be busy.

Till later, may the Lord bless you. MJ

Thursday, June 19, 2008

oops !!

I now have a writeup in the Midland online newspaper. To read it, go to and look for the article on the 76 year old. In reading this, I find that apparently I have not written enough about my faith. I am a committed Christian and a member of Good Shepherd Anglican church here. I serve there as occasional adult Bible study teacher, choir member, leader of children's choir, a as a lay minister at the altar and a visitor to the ill. I dearly love my church and the people in it as they are all focused on Jesus. The new Bible study I may lead in the fall is on the 100 most important passages in scripture. Fascinating. I suppose I haven't written about my Christian walk so much because my family and friends know we are committed. But this is what really defines my life.

I'm not feeling so much like Pollyana today, but I'm still extremely happy. We've had a very easy week this week. I had something to do during the day on Wednesday but I couldn't read my own writing so I didn't know what and where. I'm sure they will get along just fine without me. Saturday I will be working in the shop in Mertzon again - always fun, and Friday I think we will go to daughter Nancy's house so I can work my back out in her pool. Also fun. And by now you will know that if it's fun, I'm up for it.

God's peace to you all........

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I may need somebody to give me a shake! I am beginning to sound like Pollyana.



more from the land of 'happily ever after'

Here's a funny for you. I fell the other day, on the kitchen floor. No, no, that part isn't funny - it hurt! The funny part is that Dad came roaring into the kitchen shouting "should I call an ambulance? Do you think you've broken your hip?" To which I answered, "It can't break, remember? It's made of metal - do help me up". While getting these metal hips was certainly no fun, being 'metal woman' has it's advantages.

PS The bruises aren't funny, either.

PPS- my youngest grands think this story is uproarious. Maybe I'll be one of those old ladies who get funny stories told about them when they are gone. Hopefully - though I'm in no rush to go anywhere.

Rest in the mystery.......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


For about three days now, the quote from Micah has been rolling around in my head - "What does the Lord require of you? To do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." I have pondered this, and I think the first two are reasonably recognizable. To do justly, is a repeat of our childhood belief that things just should be fair. A mark of growing up is to recognize that things aren't always fair. But you and I can be and will be fair. Because God said so.
And then mercy. Who doesn't love mercy? Please, Lord, give me mercy instead of justice. And He will do that if we ask.

But humbly? What is humble? At first sight it seems to mean meek and this is so not me. So I hauled out my trusty commentary and according to them, humility means not personal piety in any narrow sense, but obedience to whatever God requires or commands. This includes, though is not limited to worthy worship. So, humility is something I have to pray about. Worship is wonderful these days, but God asks a lot of us and I have to try to remember that I am walking side by side with Him. Come to think, if He is there, I won't have any trouble remembering. I still have to think about this. Me and my mental muddles.

Also, I have to tell you that I have just realized that I am the Queen of Happily Ever After. I really am living that way. It's downright exciting to realize I am being given this. Life as a retiree is a joy. I wish it all for all of you one of these days.

More musing later, children, and blessings to you all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Three bags full

HOORAY! I am going to a new mill, in Blue, Texas, with my three bags of Rambouillet fleece, so it can be
1: skirted (this means chop off all the nasty pieces and ditch them)
2. scoured (this means wash the dirt and lanolin out)
3. carded (a process for getting all the fibers to go in the same direction)
4. combed into roving (a refined process for compactimg these fibers to make a handful from which to spin)

Does that not sound exciting? YES, it is! Scooter gave me this fleece - I don't even know how many sheep contributed to it, but it is all white. I am going to spin and weave a rug for his office wall, and with india ink, make enough of the roving black to put the ranch brand in the center. I have to go to the Hermitage (a monastery near Christoval, as they have a wide loom and need to be taught how to use it. I'm nominated, and in return, I get to use it for the rug. The loom I have now is much smaller, as is my studio.

Now you all rejoice with me, ok?


Saturday, June 14, 2008

I did it this time!

I made it through the day. Sylvia made it easy for me. She picked me up at 7 (she wanted to come at 6- gag!), but she drove me right to the Fort Concho house we were using. The only one with a cross breeze and a bathroom, no less. It was very pleasant. They brought breakfast to me, since I don't walk so well. I taught about 9 people to knit, all of whom said they couldn't possibly learn to do that. Sylvia's daughter worked on the Playskool loom and loved it and her 5 year old worked the inkle loom and really understood what he was doing. He was doing the demonstrating for awhile, which was a hoot! His dad took the loom home to try to copy one for him. He has good hands and good coordination. I may even try this again next year - but then next year is a long, long time, so we'll see.

And I was right. I didn't make the afternoon meeting. What I did was apparently a real help, however, and I'm always glad of a chance to teach somebody something, especially when they are so sure they can't learn it.

Peace :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Whoop (as the Aggies say)

And also hooray!. Today is our wedding anniversary and I think it's 44 years. After a while it all seems to blur??? It's just time, after all. We celebrated by taking in the new Narnia movie and stuffing lobster down our faces at Red Lobster after. I swear I will eat no more fat this week. So there!

Well, boys and girls, I have both looms warped and need to find shuttles and wind them, also start some new knitting and it is 9:30 PM. Have to be ready to roll at 7. Bleah! I will never understand why people do this early stuff! But this is for the Cattlewomens Association and for Sylvia and for the Girl Scouts. All good stuff. I can collapse in the PM. Trouble is, I want to go to a fiber arts meeting to learn more about color blending. Bet I don't make it.

Nancy had her knee surgery on Wednesday (both knees - she's a glutton for punishment) and she is not having an easy time of it. She'd planned to drive to Fredricksburg today and for tomorrow for her graduate classes. Happily, Scooter phoned her teacher who said she could already tell that Nancy is a stellar student and certainly she can miss a week. Nice to be validated, isn't it? She really does ourstanding work on school needs and loves it.

Happy Birthday to everyone whose birthdays I have forgotten this year as well as those I will forget. I plead advanced age, here. Some days I do well to get from one end of the house to the other. In fact, I have put so many dents in the car that Dad and I have switched cars at least until I can get these cataracts removed. Doctor said they were ready last fall, but medicare wouldn't pay for it until I lost more vision. This year, I will definitely lose more vision. (Actually, I already have). I can't have my reading interrupted,for sure!

Three years ago, when we moved here, and I received the first few electric bills, I realized that the thermostat had to go from 73 to 79 or 80. It took a while, but now it is amazing how comfortable we are with it higher.

Scooter came over and moved the pots and things I couldn't handle and now my garden is shaping up so well. It's good that RCW limits me to a small plot. This is enough to have my flowers and herbs. Dad backed his car into my rosemary pot and broke it. His penance was to help me repot it. All done, and the rosemary seems not to have minded being shaken up.

We are both serving at the altar this Sunday and after will take communion to the nursing home and to one member who has just gone home. She is a magnificent woman, had an operatic voice and has beaten cancer 5-6 times. This time it is winning. She has a great attitude to the inevitable. We love visiting her and helping as much as we can with her transitions.

Rest in the mystery, y'all

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did you ever wonder?????

Why people continue to overschedule themselves, when they know how bad it is for them? I do, daily,. I think I do this because I can't realize I have grown older (not old!) and I am wearing out. Somehow I am scheduled to work the shop tomorrow. That's ok. See doctor on Fri and complain bitterly. (I am looking for another internist/gp). Then, somehow on Saturday, I have allowed myself to think it will be fun to have warped two small looms and started a bit more knitting for teaching purposes, and to go AT 7 in the morning to represent the Cattlewomen's association to begin to introduce youngsters to the joys of fiber arts. I know I will love it when I get there - I always do, but have lots of apprehension as it approaches,. I think I will take the looms to the shop tomorrow. It is often dead empty and maybe I can warp there. Probably.

Pray for me to come to my senses....

Rest in the mystery (I am trying)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I was just remembering all the crazy adventures we have had. There was a New Years Eve when we were driving late, trying to hook up with the Pentons at a hunting lease the men had used. We had a car full of food, fortunately. George was in his car and was leading us. Got off the road somehow and found a high hill we started to drive up. It had been raining and all was mud. I stopped for a minute because we were driving in pea soup fog, and the instant I did, I felt the car sliding off to the left side of the road. Dad stopped because I did and his car did the same thing. In brief, he had to go down to the farmhouse at the bottom of the hill and get the farmer who came with his tractor and dragged us out into his cut cornfield. We drove down the cornfield, being advised to stay off the road. George was really ticked with me. Said if I hadn't stopped we wouldn't have slid. Maybe, but second guessing doesn't work.

Eventually we found our way to a strange little place with cottages and one the right size for us. I had plenty of cooked food, but we found very little in the way of pots, plates, etc. Somehow we all managed to get food into ourselves. But the serendipity comes in that I walked a few steps out of the cottage to try to see something. I went back, not being able to see ahead of me.

The next morning we woke to brilliant sunshine, and after some coffee and tarts, we ran outside, to find ourselves on top of a sheer cliff with the Frio river down below. Many more steps and I would have been down there, the night before. Of course we had to drive down and play in the river and swim, just right there by the roadside. It was a blessing to put all of Friday night's misery away and revel in the beauty of Saturday and sunshine. What a difference light puts in our lives - we always need to be able to see the way ahead or to trust the hand that holds us back when we can't see where we are going.

In other news, Spencer spent the night last night. For awhile I had all three as Dad was busy. We made a trip to grocery store and I was happily surprised to find all three willing to go and find the things we needed, and be where I needed them when it was time to leave. They really have great structure skills. We are blessed. After everyone else left, we played Scrabble until bedtime, had barbecued weiners and rice with veg soup. Spencer and I made multi cookies and ate many of them. I won't get on the scale for awhile. This morning he and Dad played mini golf. Spencer didn't win but he did get a hole in one. When they came home, we played Aggravation and Quidler. He does a good job with these word games, and that's a hard one. He's my game player. George usually won't play - he says I always win, but I don't.

Happy days are here - partake of them......