Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five again

l. What is your favorite movie for watching when you are curled up under a wooly blanket?

The Odd Couple - just breaks me up. Also like Amadeus and Swan Lake.

2. Describe what book you would read in the same situation.

Depends on how I feel. Right now I am curled up with Dr. Doolittle, which I haven't read for 60 years. Then, there's always Harry Potter.

3. What foods do you tend to eat/cook when it's cold? mmmmm - Chicken and rice, stews and soups, scrambled eggs, and bacon - when the doctor lets me eat bacon.

4. What would you do on a snow day, or a pretend snow day? Read, of course, knit, eat. Maybe take out all my yarns and play with them - but then I'd have to put them back.

5.Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, (ed comment - NO!)or are you more likely to be indoors playing board games.

I'd play board and card games gladly, but for the games I like - scrabble, aggravation, 5 crowns, Up words, etc., DH won't play with me. He says I always win. I don't, but if he doesn't win 4 our of 5 times, he won't play. I used to import grandchildren forthis, but they have grown too big,now. Sob.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not so good here..............

This morning I woke to find my right forefinger knuckle and the joint just above it huge and red and really, really tender. You'd think I'd be used to things not fitting my plans here, but I have
three commissions for scarves sitting right in front of my face. Little by little my body is letting me down and it seems to be speeding up. Sorry to whine, but I'm not too good at accepting the inevitable if it interferes with my plans. Looks as if there's not going to be much knitting for awhile. Hope my customers aren't totally antsy to get their scarves. I do know a way to knit and not use that finger much - I may try that but is very frustrating for me to do. Getting older is fun sometimes, but when you see your facilities going, one by one, sometimes you think the only thing left is the brain. And sometimes I wonder about that.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miracles abound.......

This morning when I unplugged my cell phone to go to church, it flashed a message to me. Something about having already updated and changed the time on my phone. Now, how on earth did it know how to do that? I never told it anything. I'm beginning to feel almost like living in Harry Potter Land.

You willhave guessed by now that I am only semi literate about these things. I started touching my first computer at the age of 64 - I've come a long way and can usually make the computer do what I please, but the idea of a phone actually doing something that changed this year to a new weekend -- I'll never get how it knew to do that - how the people who built it knew to make it do that. I am in awe at the technical evolutions going on in the world. My grandchildren can take a computer and make it do anything but take out the garbage. Such a brave,new world.