Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's been a busy week

around here -----. I have a new chiropractor - yeaaaaa! I was afraid to go back to the old one because I have, actually, two broken ribs, not just one. That could really hurt, but this one has me walking without so much pain - and I am not having to use the TENS unit right now. Great improvement here. When I can get on the stretching machine (the rack !) it will be even better.

This deacon thing is still coming up - I might have to take Him up on it.

We had an interesting young woman join our Bible study/prayer circle last Wednesday night. She sort of appeared out of nowhere. She's a bit hard to handle because she wants to talk all the time, and we all know that is my job. Seriously, she demands a lot of time, but I am able to turn her off enough that we got our study and praying done. When we finished, she looked at us and said -" You all are more fun than anybody I know. You arent'really old inside, are you?" I had to giggle. I am remembering the time an 8 year old (or so) was in my class and one day she looked at me and said "you aren't fooling me- you're really only 4 years old." Actually, being 4is more fun than being 77.

Yesterday I spent in Mertzon, helping spell- check and judge the great and wonderful spelling Bee. This is one of the high points of my year. Some of the children are terrified and some are super confident. Our youngest, Spencer, spelled out about midway of his class, which didn't phase him - nothing much does. But Mally and Saxon both won the trophy for their class. Another suprise here - we expected it of Mally - she takes her spelling seriously, but Sax really isn't interested. One of the funnies is that Mally (of course) asked for definition, sentence, can you pronounce it again, can you sing it? The principal was the pronouncer, and she actually sang the word- several times. How loose can you get? Love it!

The height of the day is the all grade spell -off. Mally was extremely mortified that she did not win, as she usually does, but she'll manage, and there's always next year for her. A really great little boy in third grade did win and will go to regional in Angelo. It'll be a grand experience for him.

This afternoon we are off to see Spence and Mally play basketball. This morning Dad went a vestry organizational meeting. Many of the rules (which nobody paid attention to anyway) are being changed, and will be more efficient.

I like the concept that the getting rid of so many 'fings' makes more room for God. Very true. My friend in Denton has just received my bags of 'stuff' and called me to check on some of them. I had even forgotten some of what I sent her, which just proves that it was really in my way..

I am looking for a shirt or a wall hanging which says both :

So much yarn, so many books, so little time. I have tried and tried to knit and read at the same time, and it just won't work. I can knit and watch TV, but mostly it is so horrible I don't want to see it. So I'm taking turns.

I wrote Brad to read the book 'Swine Not!" by Jimmy Buffet. Dad thought it was weird and boring and I giggled all the way through it. Maybe I am just weird (well yeah). But a pig who lives in a glass house on the top of a Manhattan hotel is worth a giggle. It might even make a funny movie - hammy, but funny. - Oh, MJ, stop while you are ahead....

My hands are typing things I am not saying. I will stop. God bless...

Monday, January 26, 2009


I went to see Dr. Untalan. My CT scan shows that I an neither a neurotic nor a hypochondriac nor is this due to age. I really have a a reason to have an achy mid section. I have a hiatal hernia. He is sendng me to a gastro- specialist, who will go down with a camera and take a look. This is just to be sure there is no inflammation or ulceration at the intersection of this hernia and the rest of me. He says there is extra room for me to have it since I have no gall bladder. Things must be pretty tight in there. At any rate, considering all the nasty things this could have been, I can live with this one. I have my GI appointment and will stay in touch. There is a good possiblity that we won't have to have anything further done.

As far as dad and the doctor go, his blood sugar is really high. He is supposed to be on a diet, but refuses and says he is ready to die and wants his food. I have explained that this is very unkind, but he doesn't see it. And it really is an abandonment - but I am pretty sure he wants to die first so I can take care of him. In a way, it's easy to see why his siblings have always said he is spoiled rotten - it is hard to keep him from having his own way. We go out too much (there is always a sweet at church for coffee hour) for me to have much control over his daily sugar foods, and he goes out on his own a lot. It is under control here, however.

Speaking of going out, today we did again what we often do, by having what Dad calls 'linner' (which means lunch and dinner). Lunch menus are less expensive and still always serve us more than we can eat, so we eat our fill and take dinner home, thus having lunch and dinner all in one stop. Surely makes life easiser. For those of you who sent us restaurant cards, many, many thanks. We love them. Today was Chili's. (besides, no sugar is in these meals)

We are scheduled to have freezing rain for about three hours tomorrow - we'll take the rain any way we can get it. Just to have water, in some form, fall, will be cause for celebration.

The other day, the children were here and Sax kept on his hoodie, covering all but his eyes from the top. His dad told him to take it off in the house and he was really resistant, but finally took it off. He looked just fine, and we finally got out of him that he didnt want us to see him because he has unibrow and will have to have it waxed. Now, he no more has unibrow than I do, but he was really disturbed by this, and it took much coaxing to relax him. Finally somebody got around to asking him why he thought that and he said Mally told him. Every eye turned to Mally and she was doubled up on the sofa, giggling. I wish we could teach him that she just loves to yank his chain, and not to believe all the stuff she tells him. We tell him all the time, but he is just as literal as I have always been. Some day he'll learn to laugh at her, and when they are grown then can laugh some more. Thes children are a source of endless joy to us - but you knew that, didn't you?

I miss having the Mertzon store to go to - I had become acquainted with so many nice people out there, and I miss seeing them.

Bedtime, ducks.....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey, y'all---

Before I forget, this for transplanted Texan - the web site for the sugar book is
Phone is 800-777-BOOK

Now, let me tell you about last night. We went to the Baptist church in Grape Creek (about 20 miles) to a Bluegrass sing and potluck. Where else but west Texas? Food was outstanding, and the music was really good. of the players in each group was playing something I had never seen - a dobro. Now, how have I played guitar for the past 30 years without being exposed to a dobro? FYI - it is a guitar with a round metal thingy where the opening is, and is played by being picked with the right hand, on the metal thingy, and sliding a slide thing up and down and around on where we usually finger. I think the reason, is that I have only ever played for church and the bluegrass sound isn't there so much. I sat next to the lady whose husband was playing one, and told her I was fascinated with it. She said her husband found one for the first time about 6 years ago, and wanted it, so he traded a bunch of goats for it, and bought an instruction book. Well, if I had a bunch of goats, I'd trade for one of those too. As it is, we have found an instructor in playing the recorder, so I think I'll learn that one - easy to carry, too. And way better than the flute, considering that I was never able to get one single sound out of that blasted thing - and I puffed so hard!

Parish dinner and vestry election today - we have some new members who are really gung ho, and that's great cause my gung ho has got up and went. I can always be a great cheerleader.

Family, are you planning to come to the July 4th reunion? We heard from Betsy and Paul, they are coming several days early as Betsy is checking out St. Edwards in Austin for #1 daughter. It's a really good school and I hope she goes there - we could see the Bizot's more. I hope you will all come - it will be an active time - there will be marking going on, very tame horses for kids if you like, all sorts of activities. I plan to watch and smile a lot. I do this well.

All three Scott children won 1st places in their respective grades for their science projects and Saxon was chosen to go to the next level with his - he is turning the tall wind turbines to a horizontal orientation and adding more sets of blades. He feels it will be more effective and kill fewer birds. He has lots of practicing to do to present his work. They are all such neat kids. Of course all my grands are, and I am not prejudiced in the slightest. My kids are great, too. I am blessed.

Tomorrow I see the doctor and find out what the CT scan showed- if anything. I may just be turning into a total hypochondriac - but I don't think so. Or maybe I am just old. Yep, that could be it.

Nancy brought us about 3 dozen eggs - her chickens have lost their minds and turned into production machines - we get lucky and get eggs. With this many, I can make devilled eggs. I think her chickens are just relieved to get rid of all those roosters. One is plenty.

Hope to do another post tomorrow after seeing the doctor. xxoo

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hokay -

I wrote this once, already, and it has gone to that great garbage dump somewhere else in the universe, and it will never come back. So, once more, here goes,.....

Since I missed my CT scan on Monday (because I forgot)I didn't have it till yesterday. I will probably get the results next Monday because it takes the radiologist awhile to get around to reading it. Ihave decided that the easiest kind of doctor to be is in radiology. Think about it.

I heard from a new reader - transplanted Texan- who wrote about my comments on the simple sugars book. She lives in Florida, and always wanted to live in Angelo. Y'all come. I came here kicking and screaming - it's a good thing God pays no attention to us kicking and screaming, because I belong here, and this gets more obvious every day. At any rate, the name and author of the book are listed among the books I've read, just to the left of this missive. I'm sorry about your mom's RA. My daughter and one of my good friends both suffer from this - and I do mean suffer. The sugar listed for RA is L-Fucose. Apparently it only occurs naturally in some mushrooms and in breast milk, so no help there. If you put L-Fucose in your computer, it will bring up a site which sells the supplement. Why don't you and your mom read this and decide whether to try it. I hope you do and that it helps. I used to use the magazine Prevention to raise my children, (This was before it turned into an exercise magazine) so I am very into alternative medicines and use them often. Do let me know, please...I care.

Nancy and Mally had a time getting home. The ticket info changed and they weren't notified so missed their plane. Finally they were rerouted to Dallas via Atlanta, of all places. One of the most horrible airports in existence, I am sure. We had a saying in Florida that the first stop on the way to hell was the Atlanta airport. However, they reached DFW at 11 last night and because they couldn't get a flight out till morning, and the science fair is being put up this morning, Nancy rented a car and they drove on home last night. Dad and I plan to go see the exhibits. Some of them are truly amazing.

And on and on, through this amazing trip called life. You gotta love it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morning, everyone...

I have been following the news from the inauguration, as seen through the eyes of the folks there. I really think I saw Mally in one of the photo-ops on the video yesterday. I do hope she and Nancy are having a great time. I am watching via TV but as soon as the actual inauguration is over, I am off to (surprise!) the library again. Also for a few groceries. Dad is golfing. It's a bit cold, but that doesnt stop him.

I've just finished another edition of "Meet ........." for the church newsletter. We are featuring a high school senior this year - a National Merit scholar. We only have two graduating seniors, so from now on, on to the older folk. But it is a pleasure to talk with these youngsters. They are so self possessed, and seem to know just where they are going and what they hope to do when they arrive. Honestly, they are more fun than the older people who keep making excuses for themselves.

I have a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow - I will not know anything until I have the results next week. It does seem to take a long time for people to get their results together.

I've been studying a book on "Miracle Sugars" and have found a couple I never heard of, but which seem to have remarkably good results in preventing bladder infections. There is another which supposedly has extremely good results in stopping rheumatoid arthritis. I'll check with my friend Carlene, who was a nutritional consultant and see what she thinks of these. I honestly never heard of mannose or of L-fucose. I keep learning all the time. I already ordered the one to stop bladder infections.

Speaking of learning, I have just ordered a book on mathematics. It's time I learned something about this area. Maybe I will try algebra again. Maybe. Or maybe not.

I was telling another lady out here (at 97!) who was helping me hand out plates and check off names at the monthly birthday dinner, about losing the cookbook and my wallet, but that I had prayed most earnestly and had found both of them. She told me she was sure God had more important things to do than find things we have lost. I told her I was sure He did not. I don't think I will change her mind at 97, so I didn't press her further. But, you know, if He knows how many hairs I have on my head, with them falling out all the time, surely he can keep up with my lost stuff and point me in the right direction to find them. By way of proof, I offer that it always works!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy January.....

Long time since my last post. We've been busy around here. When Mary Beth said she cleaned a freezer and a refrigerator, she was probably talking about mine. If not, she did it twice. We also did a major trip to HEB and had the fixins for many meals. She finished her visit by putting 30 individual meals in the freezer for me. I have already had a day when I just couldn't cope with the kitchen, so used two of them, and they are wonderful. She also left me a cookbook for making just this sort of meal, so I'll probably do it again, only one recipe at a time instead of four.

We are so excited that Nancy and Scooter are planning another family reunion. I hope everyone comes, and most especially that Oliver, Emily and Betty can get out here. Surely someone can drive them out. Surely.......... Easy for me to say, but I want to have our generation here once more, along with all the others. We have turned into a really huge family!

I have been covered up in stuff for so long I just can't stand it any more and I'm sorting. I hope this lasts a long time. It cuts into my reading time, but I am having fun throwing stuff away. I sent two huge bags and a box to June, in Denton, via Mary Beth. She will put this stuff on E-bay and sell it for me. We both profit this way.

We are busy ending the church year and electing more vestry, etc. I already run the senior lunch bunch and the stitchers guild and sing in the choir and serve at the altar and that's enough for an old lady. If I were in the vestry they would just give me papers and I would just lose them. I did this when I was younger, so it's not my turn to do this.

In out lawsuit with the diocese, depositions were taken today in Lubbock. George and lots of other people went up to listen. I've no idea when they will return. Whatever happens with that is ok with me. I'd just like it to be over.

Please help my pray that I find my wallet. I need my driver's license, and many of the other things in it.