Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday Five (on Saturday)

As to the question, what home fix it project is on your big ToDo list?

Two, really. The everlasting, horrible, don't look at it - garage! After 4 years here, there is no hope of getting a car in there. I finally have a plan, and just need to buy some shelving and put it together. Not much point there, though, since I can't lift and bend.
The second one is the studio. I have laboriously bagged all of my wonderful yarns, by color, and shoved them in the cabinets. The longer I live with this, the more I know it isn't going to work. I simply have to see the yarn - be able to touch it - put others beside it to see how they go (or don't). Again, I have a plan. Put all the crap on the top of the cupboards inside of them, and put the yarn in open bins on the top. Again, with the can't bend stuff. I used to be furious because my body doesn't work well any more, but now I am just resigned to it. Whatever. So the studio is impasssable because I have all the bags dragged out so I can get into them, and play with the yarns.

2 What event is on your big ToDo list....
Going to the Anglican organizational meeting in Bedford next month to set up a formal Anglican diocese in North America. And staying with MB. That's the fun part.

3. What trip is in the offing?
Going to the beach, what else? We missed last year, and because I married a very quietly stubborn man, we are taking 6 days to come and go, in the car, because he has a hate on for airports. Not planes - he flew combat in Korea - but airports. So I guess we are boycotting them. Oh me......

4.What do I wish was on someone else's big ToDo list?
First, I wish hubby would help with the garage. Also wish devoutly that his current obedience to the diabetic diet he has been ignoring for 33 years,lasts on and on. He would be much better off if he stayed with it. He never has, but this may be the time.

5. Something else on my ToDo list - I have agreed to teach 1&2 Timothy and Titus and maybe Philemon in summer school. I have made very clear that I will have to miss probably 3 Sundays in July - was told, just tell people no Sunday school next week. Good way to lose people, if you ask me, but I don't run this show, and I don't want to. So we'll try it his way.

Makes me tired to look at this list. All except for going to the beach. Yeaaa St. Teresa!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

God is really amazing.(all over again, and all the time).

Dad and I had hoped to go to the big Anglican Meeting in Bedford next month. It will organize a diocese of North America for the Anglican church. It was just too expensive, so we decided I will put in 1/2 and Dad would do the other half, and be would go and I would run and play with Sarah, friend June and Mary Beth when she is not working. Lo, Father Stan called me after church and said the Holy Spirit talked to him on the way home and told him to pay my way out of his discretionary fund. So now we are both going, and thanks be to the Lord. This should be a wonderful opportunity to see the beginning of a dream come true.

This afternoon we went to the Girl Scout award ceremony in Mertzon. Most amusing -I was a brownie and scout during the 30's and 40's and was the oldest scout there. I took my old uniform and a photo of me wearing it. I must say, the scouts are wearing more fashionable and certainly more comfortable clothing today. Mally received her bronze award. I do enjoy sharing their successes.

Blessings to you all.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It rained today and just maybe it could, perhaps, rain again tomorrow or tonight. I scattered some alyssum seed in all the bare spots in the garden. I used to do a rain dance when it rained but today my spirit is dancing.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Plethora of Pleasures...

This is turning out to be a very busy time of year - and all the busyness is fun stuff. Last Saturday, Laura (English) Wooldridge and her mom Sally Williams were in town and we all met at IHOP. We ate some, mostly talked. As Sally says, 'it's a shame we can't think of anything to say'. They are old, old friends from Ascension, Houston. We had just started to catch up when they had to go. Darn! But we now know where and how each other's kids and grands are.

Then, Sunday after church, we took off for Mertzon for a truly amazing service/meeting. Scooter's boy scout troop had 8 (yep, eight) boys who were awarded the Eagle Scout Badge. When you consider that only 2 of every hundred boys earns this, this achievement, from little Mertzon, is just outstanding. After the awards service we trooped over to the community hall where we were served a marvelous luncheon and the boys each spoke about the projects they did to earn Eagle and how it has changed them and set their feet on a path to achievement. Then, lots more talking and hugging. You could literally see how much Scooter and his other scoutmasters and these boys loved and respected each other. Coming from a father who was a longtime (like years and years) scoutmaster and who, with his boys literally chopped the trees and built the scout camp, complete with fire tower, I especially appreciate this.

Now, this Sunday we go back to see Mally get her bronze star award for Girl Scouts. She hasn't always been in this program, and I'm really glad she is doing it now.

We're gearing up for Josie's quinceaneara (sp?) the first weekend of June. Later in June, we may go to the formation meeting of the Anglican church of North America. We can stay with Mary Beth and see her also. Goody. Butler family reunion coming up over fourth of July weekend, and a trip to Florida to the bestest place in the world - St. Teresa.

Haven't been able to figure out why I am so tired - reading over this, Ihave figured it out. But tomorrow and Saturday are free and I will rest and rest.

On Pentecost Sunday all the congregation is wearing red clothing to celebrate.

I just read a book (sci-fi) and almost put it down and didn't finish it until I finally picked up the thread of Martin Luther's actions, taken to remove the abuses from the Roman Catholic church. It's a quirky retelling of this and was much more interesting then. Besides, I like sci-fi.

Oh, and we went to the baseball games again - watched both kids for awhile. I think there is only one more.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Ball game funnies.....

We went to see Spencer play last night. His whole team is really getting good, and especially Spencer. Home runs all over the place. The time before, when we went, they were changing sides (is that between innings?) a little girl on his team shouted loudly "Y'all gotta wait a minute - I gotta go pee!" Off she went, and they waited for her. Love it. The fifth grade was in Houston for the week studying Texas history, so they had to cancel the older kids game - too many gone.

Today we did a very large grocery shopping. Dad follows me with a cart. He may have a heart attack at the way I drive, but I haven't run into anyone yet. Maybe because when people see a white haired old lady zooming along,they know to move over. But not always. I wait on lots of pokey people to move for me. But the funny is, when we got home, and Dad got the groceries in, he collapsed in his chair and said "Boy, that is exhausting! I had no idea!." I answered him with 'welcome to my world".

Our minister has been away for two weeks and has a week to go. Our poor deacon has been sorely tried. 4 people have been in for surgery and one has to keep going back in. He's paid his dues, for sure, and he does do a good job.

Blessings to all.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

busy, busy people

The world is so full of busy people, and just until lately, I was one of them. It's interesting to look at their lives from the point of view where I now live. I miss being busy and doing interesting things all the time - tho some of them are booooring, always. But I am learning to enjoy this time in our lives - most of it, that is. The inevitable breaking down of our corporeal
beings is just a continuing amazement to me. Our bodies have always been able to cope with most anything we can throw at them, and now they are balking and failing in so many ways. This is, of course, a natural result of living on borrowed time. I consider that God gave man three score years and ten (70 years) and any beyond that is borrowed, against the time until we leave here for our real home. We use the best available medical resources, but they can only do so much. Not sure why we fight going home so desperately. We are both sure it will be better than anything here, but it is still the unknown. Besides, we delude ourselves that our children 'need us'. If anything, we now need them, and they are always there for us.

Dad's diabetes is spiraling out of control. The doctor thinks it is a miracle that he made it 33 years with this disease with this not happening much sooner. He now has his regular injections and pills, but also will have to test his blood several times a day, and use a different kind of insulin if those times show unregulated sugars.

I look at the possiblity of having a hip replacement redone (they call it a revision), and have a cardiologist telling me he isn't sure this is a possibility for me. For both of us, it has to be a 'whatever' situation. We will be here as long as we are supposed to be and then we will go. Personally, I plan to stay near and keep an eye on the kids - but I don't even know if that's possible, or if I'll still want to by then. Am I not the cheeriest person you know? But you need to be ready. This is not bad, it is just different. And the difference can be a lovely time of life also.

Our minister is out of town, so our deacon preached the service yesterday. For the first time in my life I heard a sermon on Mother's Day. At one point he asked all the women to stand as they are the created persons who carry new life. Then he asked the girl children to stand for a blessing also, for the future. This is a touchy subject. I hope we didn't have anyone there who had wanted children and were unable to have them. We have several in this situation that I know of, but they all adopted, so were mothers. Being a preacher takes a lot of consideration.

If I do agree to lead the new Bible sudy, I had planned on either John or Daniel, and suddenly I am seeing Psalms wherever I look. Whatever. I can do that too, but hope to have a DVD so that when I have to be away, someone else can cover for me. I can't be counted on every single Sunday at this point in my life.

In spite of the setbacks, we forge on. Dad is at the center playing pool with his buddies and i am headed for there to sit with the crafts group. I was supposed to take the wheel and spin, but don't feel able to haul it down there, so I'll knit or crochet or something. Talking is what we do mostly.


Friday, May 8, 2009

A Fish Story

Today I am the proud possessor of a (free) pattern to knit a fish. It looks a bit like Nemo. Why I want to do this, I can't imagine. I already have a bird I knitted in a workshop, and he just seems lonely hanging in the window, so I envision a fish hanging fairly near. This fish is orange, but it may need a greeny-blue one for company. I'm going for this, even though I usually really hate projects that require me to pay attention while I work. I know you are panting to know how this goes. Ummmmmm -when I start, I'll let you know.......

blessings to all

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh my! (second post today)

I didn't tell you the best part of all!. First, Teresa (housecleaner) called me and said she had just needed some time off and she would come when she could. I said fine. She offered to come the next day but we were off to Johnson City to see Nancy Grace graduate. So we left her a key and she cleaned and we cane home to a clean house. JOY!

But the best, for the last, is the graduation. I wish you could all have been there. Nancy graduated with a 4.0, and had a gold cord around her neck to signify that. Johnson City is a central point for a combination class and online degree offering from both Texas Tech and Texas Tech at San Angelo. She has driven 3 hours early on Saturday for months and months as well as working at home. I've watched her work and I am totally impressed with the content and creativity of this program. My MA was an exercise in uselesness- all theory and pie in the sky. The doctoral work, however was much more useful and interesting. She is really excited about what she learned and I am also. Scooter was there with the kids and we all sat on the front row. Each student was asked to make a statement of what they had learned and how they planned to use it. Nancys' was outstanding (not just because I'm her mom, but really!)In fact a superintendent from another county tried to talk her into moving and teaching for him. And this in front of her own superintendent!. So our supt. told the other one to leave her teachers alone!

Then we all adjourned to a state park and had a bbq lunch. Lots of fun, laughter and pride. I wish she would rest more, but trying to get her to do that is like standing in front of a tank knowing the tank will keep going, over you if necessary. This girl has goals, y'all!. So do I, but mine are to rest a lot. Have to admit I was much like her at her age, but today's teachers have so much more in the way of opportunities, resources , etc. that I wish we had had.


May, already???

How did that happen? When I was a kid, and we started school in September (yes, children, it was September back then, not August), it was at least 10 years before school was out - actually there was no end in sight. It would never be over. And that, from me, who loved school. And now I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around it being May already.

Noxt month we go to Bedford, Tx. to a huge meeting of Anglicans for the formal formation of a North American diocese. We are going to Denton and stay with MB and drive back and forth. Hee,hee - we get to see her too! I am not usually one for hese huge meetings but I have a feeling this is an important one, and as always I will have my knitting. Once I went to a Diocesan meeting as an alternate and George was very sure I needed to spend some time in there listening. We were out of chairs so I sat on the floor (this was a long time ago, folks, when I could get up and down) with my back on the back wall and pulled out my knitting. The Bishop came in after a bit, looked me up and down and told me he thought I was the smartest person there. ??? Just because I was knitting? Who knows? I don't guess I'll ever get over the need to be doing something with my hands.

And now comes the H1N1 flu. Denton schools (Sarah's job) are closed for a week. Episcopal school in Houston (Barbara's) is closed indefinitely. They had a confirmed case. Nothing out here is closed so far in our county but some of the surrounding ones are closing. I have not seem anything so far that indicates that this flu is much more dangerous than the ordinary flu. Naturally the stores are stripped of masks, Theraflu, that sort of thing. People are even stockpiling paper goods. We have been told that we are at stage 5 out here and that if we progress to stage 6, the Mall (no problems for me there) and the grocery stores will be closed. Problems here. Seems to me that opening grocery stores is simpler than trying to furnish food to all hundred thousand or so of us. Mob mentality going.

Spent yesterday seeing doctors and waiting to see doctors and then waiting for meds. But I was able to get the meds I needed and had one added to get this water out of me. Doctor says I am hauling around about 12 pounds of water. All those clothes I put up till I could get back into them can come back out.

All of you help me watch for a new book by Donna Woolfolk Cross. She wrote Pope Joan and it was and is just a grand read. We had a teleconference with her at book club and she promised she was working on a new book. Pope Joan was published in 1996. Whatever she writes, I need to read it, so if you see it send the info my way,please. I am very frustrated that I can't find a way to underline in this program.

I'm cooking a corned beef roast for dinner. Yum! About time I made a real meal.

God's blessings on you all......