Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday Five

On this Friday before Reformation Sunday, let's talk about music. Share with us five pieces of music that draw you closer to the Divine, that elevate your mood or take you to your happy place. They might be sung or instrumental, ancient or modern, sacred or popular...whatever touches you.

Some of us even love hymns. (Well, I do.)"
1)Faure “Requiem Mass”
2) Peter, Paul and Mary “Where have all the flowers gone?”
3) Mozart Requiem Mass
4) Shall we gather at the River?”
5) Lift High The Cross
6) I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light

I know, that's one extra. There are many others - Music is a huge part of my life.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

golf or not?

When DH and I married in 1964, I decided I wanted to learn golf. I had taken lessons before our wedding and once when he came to visit we went out to play. I hit a monstrous stroke - the ball hit two trees and wound up just an inch from a (?) hole in one. This irritated him enormously. When we went to live in Texas, I tried playing with him, but my tennies slipped. He wanted to get me golf shoes with cleats. I really worked at explaining that I needed to play barefooted. I like my bare feet on the ground, and I found I could hold on with my toes. If this sounds simian, consider the source. At any rate, such a thing is apparently "just not done". My friend Heather and I played several times, just as barefooted as yard dogs, but I learned to watch DH play. He just never could convince me that 'real' golfers wore proper shoes. I remembered this when I wrote the previous post about shoes and feet. I just never liked shoes. I do like to watch golf on TV. Nobody yells.

Friday, October 16, 2009


October 16, 2009
Friday Five: Feets

1. What is your favorite footwear at this time in your life? Always SAS shoes or sandals with the left foot built up 3/8" (because the left hip replacement left my leg short by that much. Bah)

3. What kind of shoes did you wear in your childhood? Tennies? Mary Janes?
There were no tennies when I was a child - they hadn't been invented. Yes, I am ancient. We wore only leather shoes - that was our only choice. Capezios were a favorite for school and something disgusting and shiny, like leather Mary Janes for church. As a teenager, I loved 3" heels and wore them whenever possible. When I had a tall boyfriend, I even wore them to class in college. Ruined my feet, they did.

4. How do you feel most comfortable? Barefoot, flip-flops, boots, or what? Barefoot is great but I keep the house too cool for it to be comfortable. Slippers are nice, or sandals, even with socks.
Growing up, we never wore shoes except in the winter, at school or church. The minute we got home from school, the shoes came off! Trees are much easier to climb barefoot, but we had to wear shoes to roller skate.

5. What kind of socks do you like, if any? Very soft, with no elastic in the ankle to cut off circulation (I told you I was ancient)

Bonus: Anything you want to share about feet or footwear. I insist that my shoes NEVER hurt my poor feet. And that includes hurting this bunion I am ignoring.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Church of the Dog

I don't usually comment too much on the many books I have read, but I am going to mention Church of the Dog. This book came to me in a sack from a friend. She and her husband buy books by the dozens. I can't imagine having to find a place to put them, but she is good about sharing them. Usually her books are murder mysteries, so imagine my suprise to find Church of the Dog included. It took me a bit to orient myself to this story, but it turns out to be a luminous and enchanting book. Mara (protagonist) lives a life similar to the one I had during that brief time when I was responsible to absolutely no one for my life. Part of this was during university, when we formed and reformed vastly unlike groups who somehow fit together, and drifted apart when the need came. This sounds absolutely an unreliable way to live, and it was, but it worked until it didn't. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. This is a sort of story of magic and of redemption and can open us to the magic in our lives. I plan to read her other books. PS If you read this, don't miss the answer to the second question on page 217. One of my daughters will recognize herself here.