Sunday, October 18, 2009

golf or not?

When DH and I married in 1964, I decided I wanted to learn golf. I had taken lessons before our wedding and once when he came to visit we went out to play. I hit a monstrous stroke - the ball hit two trees and wound up just an inch from a (?) hole in one. This irritated him enormously. When we went to live in Texas, I tried playing with him, but my tennies slipped. He wanted to get me golf shoes with cleats. I really worked at explaining that I needed to play barefooted. I like my bare feet on the ground, and I found I could hold on with my toes. If this sounds simian, consider the source. At any rate, such a thing is apparently "just not done". My friend Heather and I played several times, just as barefooted as yard dogs, but I learned to watch DH play. He just never could convince me that 'real' golfers wore proper shoes. I remembered this when I wrote the previous post about shoes and feet. I just never liked shoes. I do like to watch golf on TV. Nobody yells.

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Mary Beth said...

Yard dogs, hee hee hee!