Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We looked very carefully at all the pictures shown of the Manhattan marathon. Granddaughter Susan and her DH were both running, but we didn't spot them. Granted, they showed very little of the race except for the winners. Dean, Barbara and Katie were there to cheer them on.

My tree is turning. I am not sure whether it will be brownish red or really red this year. We seem to perpetually be in a season of drought and this takes the real red out of the leaves. Maybe when more turn, I can spot some really red ones. I hope.

I saw the doctor today and he changed the anti cholesterol meds yet again. They are causing the severe muscle cramps and the mood changes. These people just insist I have to have a level of 75 or less and I can't seem to break 100. Considering that, untreated, my level is about 350, 105 sounds pretty good to me. Not so, I guess.

Dad has been having lots of back pain. He thought it was kidneys so went to the nephrologist who x-rayed and did other tests and he can't find a thing. At least we know what it isn't.

Don will be here next week for a couple of days and he and Dad will golf. No surprises there. It seems that the Continental flight out here has bitten the dust also, so Don is flying into Midland. It seems to me that even a couple of flights a week iinto San Angelo would be better than none.

I'm leaving for Denton on Friday where MB and I will attend a regional DOK conference on Saturday. Driving home again on Sunday morning as Dad and I are part of the hosts for the every member canvass dinner on Sunday night and I have a dessert to make. I stopped by the library again today and picked up some extra book CD's for the trip.

I learned today that fingernails and toenails grow more rapidly in November than in any other month. Do you believe that? I have a book that says so.

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