Sunday, November 30, 2008

After Thanksgiving,---

we never seem to walk off the pounds, do we? Instead, we did a great deal of sitting, rocking, reading, knitting, and napping. All excellent occupations.

Dad and I spent Thanksgiving with Mary Beth, Ken and my granddogs (and grandcat). Dinner was great. Sarah was there, with Qualan and Marshall, Brandon came and after work, Janet (Marshall's mom) stopped by for turkey. Speaking of turkey, it was a free range one and realllly good! All the contributions to the dinner were excellent and we had a great time. I sent home a pile of scarves with Sarah for her to take to school and try to sell (cross your fingers!).

For my family - I need for all of you to know that I made the decision last weekend to stop taking the massive doses of statin drugs I have been on. They were really making me sick. While at MB's I had a bad withdrawal episode from this - glad I was with both MB and Dad to help me. It was not pretty. Since being home, I have found two friends who have both experienced this and they tell me the whole clearing out will take about a month. I may even have a brain when this is over. There are other things I can take and do which will help the cholesterol level, although I still think the physician's goal of a score of 75 is unrealistic. I also realize that this decision may shorten my life, but I feel that the quality of life will be much better. Please pray for my health. I already am beginning to feel more 'myself'.

We are giving thanks for all the blessings we have - our wonderful family and friends, our comfortable home, enough to eat and each other -especially each other. Blessings to you, also.


Mary Beth said...

Thanks be to God! I am all about quality of life. Woohoo!

Be sure to drink lots and lots of good water. This will help get the poison out of your system. And it's just a good idea in general.

So sayeth the Oracle at Denton.

Barbara said...

Prayers that you will be feeling back to "yourself" sooner rather than later. Take care. Love, Barbara