Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's just too bad...

I have written two long posts and this machine ate them both - or maybe they are flying about in cyberspace. All I know is that I can't find them. Soooooo- you don't get to know about Spencer and the stain on his tux, and about being boycotted because I am caucasian, and about our very wonderful trip to Denton/Bedford/Plano and being with Mary Beth and Ken, or about any of that stuff unless you see me at the family reunion this weekend and ask me. Then you will know. If you want to.

Anyway, I hit the grocery store today, in my riding cart, and at checkout the young man was loading them into a push type basket, and he asked me how in the world I every got all that stuff into my smaller basket. I told him it was superior organization and lots of practice. He just kept shaking his head. Very young, he was.

I just finished reading a very lovely Victorian novel. It was a great story, in spite of the fact that I hate, hate, hate Victorian manners, dress, conversation, rules and the place of women in their society. Thank God it is over. But reading it always makes me want to scream and throw many china teacups at a brick wall. Did I need to say that? Yep.

My Bible class went well this morning. I am finally hitting my stride, since my daughters have shown me how to access my DVD's on the subject on my computer. Even in this machine frustrates me, I love, love it. So I have listened to the master teacher and it filtered through me and out today.

Tomorrow Dad has surgery. Everybody pray and we'll be just fine.

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