Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday Five (on Saturday)

As to the question, what home fix it project is on your big ToDo list?

Two, really. The everlasting, horrible, don't look at it - garage! After 4 years here, there is no hope of getting a car in there. I finally have a plan, and just need to buy some shelving and put it together. Not much point there, though, since I can't lift and bend.
The second one is the studio. I have laboriously bagged all of my wonderful yarns, by color, and shoved them in the cabinets. The longer I live with this, the more I know it isn't going to work. I simply have to see the yarn - be able to touch it - put others beside it to see how they go (or don't). Again, I have a plan. Put all the crap on the top of the cupboards inside of them, and put the yarn in open bins on the top. Again, with the can't bend stuff. I used to be furious because my body doesn't work well any more, but now I am just resigned to it. Whatever. So the studio is impasssable because I have all the bags dragged out so I can get into them, and play with the yarns.

2 What event is on your big ToDo list....
Going to the Anglican organizational meeting in Bedford next month to set up a formal Anglican diocese in North America. And staying with MB. That's the fun part.

3. What trip is in the offing?
Going to the beach, what else? We missed last year, and because I married a very quietly stubborn man, we are taking 6 days to come and go, in the car, because he has a hate on for airports. Not planes - he flew combat in Korea - but airports. So I guess we are boycotting them. Oh me......

4.What do I wish was on someone else's big ToDo list?
First, I wish hubby would help with the garage. Also wish devoutly that his current obedience to the diabetic diet he has been ignoring for 33 years,lasts on and on. He would be much better off if he stayed with it. He never has, but this may be the time.

5. Something else on my ToDo list - I have agreed to teach 1&2 Timothy and Titus and maybe Philemon in summer school. I have made very clear that I will have to miss probably 3 Sundays in July - was told, just tell people no Sunday school next week. Good way to lose people, if you ask me, but I don't run this show, and I don't want to. So we'll try it his way.

Makes me tired to look at this list. All except for going to the beach. Yeaaa St. Teresa!!!


Mary Beth said...

If I recall the story correctly, it's more like 44 years that he's had diabetes. Because I think you told me that it was discovered as a result of an insurance-policy physical he had when I was born (or getting ready to be born).

And, uh, I'm 44.


MJ said...

We differ on that. He insists it was when we moved to Cherybark, but I distinctly remember the man coming to the Neff St. house. He says no.

Are you really 44? How time flies.