Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post reunion- pre Florida

Time to pack again. Nancy is coming this afternon to do many things--
help me print my photos for the Florida trip and class reunion, change water bottles, bring in new water bottles, move plants to make it easier for the lady who waters, advise me about the house we will be staying in (Is there a coffeemaker? - important things like that), refill my medicine boxes. However, when I just phoned her to find out when she is coming, she told me she is in Oklahoma,but is still coming later. Oklahoma? Really? Turns out she took her debaters to debate camp and it is there. She is never, ever going to be still and rest- maybe in Florida? Let's all hope so.

Church was fantastic this morning - such preaching and such music! We are in the right place, fer sure. I did my class, but I still wish Fr. Stan would let me just show the Missler DVD's as he is a far better teacher than I am, but he insists I teach. He will cover for me the next two Sundays. He should just do it as he is a fabulous teacher - far better than I, but I guess he is training us to do some of these things. I have finished 1 Timothy and Titus, and the other two pastoral books are 2 Timothy and Philemon. It would be easier to teach if he weren't in the class - I am always so aware of my shortcomings. But I soldier on. We seem to be having lots of visitors who are staying.

Dad is still in pain, but we have talked with several folks who have had this proceedure done and they all say this is the way it goes. I still have to be confrontational to get him to take pain meds - he always says it's not that bad. Suffer in silence, that's him.

Florida!!! Can hardly wait!!! blessings to you.


Mary Beth said...

Oklahoma! Srsly!? Gimme a break.

Songbird gave your recipe a shout out! Go see.

Love and miss you. Going to NH for yarn shopping!

MJ said...

Really, really seriously. Oklahoma. And before she left our house, the debaters were calling her with problems, which she solved easily and laughing. How does she do it? Dunnno.

Mary Beth said...

Visitors are staying, that's what you want! Good news. love you.