Friday, July 10, 2009

Post reunion......

What a blessing it was to be with family last weekend. Our members came from LA, NY, Maryland and all over Texas. Some were,of course, missing - inevitable with a cast of nearly one hundred, but all of our (George and my) children were there with their children, and a promise of a great grandchild on the way. Hallelujah! I knew I was crocheting this blankie for Susan, now I know why. It takes me awhile, so it's good I'm about half through. Susan and Adam live Brooklyn, so we don't get to see them as much as we'd like, but we stay in touch. Since son Bill died last year, he was represented at the reunion by wife Janet and son Marshall. We had never been able to know them until now, and they are a great addition to a huge family.

Sarah was here for a few days and we worked sooooo hard! I can't do this by myself - I need a cheerleader and she is that! I didn't realize how bad the refrigerators had gotten, but they are now sparkling. Since we leave for Florida next weekend, I am not pushing the Nutri system program quite so hard. When we get back, we will go back on it with a vengeance. The very first day we used it, G's sugar levels dropped dramatically. This program is for older men with diabetes and also takes glycemic index levels into account. Some of it is good, some not so good, but it is EASY and fast and I like that. We will stay there until we are the weight we need to be and his diabetes is under easy control (he has already cut out two shots a day), and then use it some days as needed to maintain. We have both been digging our graves with our forks all our lives and it's a pretty dramatic change to think of food as fuel, and not as something to celebrate. All our lives food has been a ceremony - a gathering of people to enjoy and relate. Sad to lose some of that, but you can't have it all- food is either a gluttonous feast or fuel. As fuel, it can also be enjoyable but there has to be a dramatic mindset change in how it is regarded.

Sarah was also able to get my medicines in order. Sometimes I do get them in a muddle - there are so many of them. I only medicate twice a day and I don't know how people manage a midday set of meds. We are working on 3 month Rx by mail through our provider - it would really make things easier to set up.

She and I also met with the healing prayer group at church and we spent about an hour there. They are so good to meet when there is a need - they are a dedicated group of soaking prayer warriors.

We must have our suitcases and boxes of linens packed by Tuesday at the latest and out to Nancy as they are leaving earlier than we are. They are traveling in the mobile home and trailering her car, so they can pack mega stuff. Thus we will only travel with carry on bag. I always carry my Rx with me - last time Dad packed his insulin in his suitcase and it went all over Florida before finally getting to us. Had to make calls to his doctor and have Rx sent to a nearby pharmacy there. He had a miserable time worrying about it. This year we will carry it, if I have to do it.

Time to go get our water bottles filled and mail Sarah's favorite shirt home to her. Since we also cleaned the studio ( there is a carpet under there, Virginia - really) I am making a box for Mally as she is going into the baby sitting business. Beads, etc. things for kids to make. She is so good with this sort of thing. And now it will be in her room and not mine. As I get older, I look at some of the projects I have planned and realize that I won't live long enough to get them all done, so have been turning more and more of them over to other people. Come one, come all - get your projects here!

The newest Friday Five, which I sometimes do, is all about exercise and since the doctor doesn't want me to do this, I'll pass until the next one.

God's blessings to you all.


Barbara said...

What a great blog post! We had the best time at the reunion. You and Sarah are real troopers to have gone home and accomplished so much. I am happy for you, and for your upcoming trip to Florida. Can't wait to hear about it. Tell Dad I hope he is still recovering well and to take care. Love, Barbara

MJ said...

Thanks, Barbara. The reunion was really great. I somehow didn't realize that the trip to florida was so soon, but it'll be good to get there and veg out. Dad takes some pain med each night and otherwise seems ok. I have to watch him or he will try to pick up things he shouldn't. We'll keep you posted on Florida.
Love, MJ

Mary Beth said...

Ditto that! Great to read and it was great to be with you. This time before you get on the plane we will be sure that you don't have any prohibitively large hair gels in your carry ons!

see you Friday! Love, mb

MJ said...

Amen to that. I plan to put those things in the box of linens I will be sending with Nancy. Do you remember if I can get away with knitting needles? I am using straight # 13's now and they are vicious looking. Carryon's will be jewelry (precious litle of that) and meds, a book and knitting. Period. Maybe a change of undies.
(hee, hee)