Tuesday, September 8, 2009

another day,

no more dollars. Oh well. The weather is cooling a little bit, and everyhthing helps when we have been running wellover 100 for a couple of months. We all pray for rain and occasionally we get about 20 minutes worth.

I've not posted lately, because I have difficulty using my left hand and arm. One doctor thinks the arm is broken, one says no, it is riddled with arthritis and osteoporosis. When I told him I don't have osteoporosis, he disagreed, saying it is impossible to be 77 and not have it. I shall tell him I will appreciate a test to prove that. We have no reliable dianosis for my pain (which kept me up till nearly three this morning) but I plan to not be cooperative about waiting weeks and weeks for an appointment and roar that I need one NOW. I expect we will need further tests to accurately diagnose this continuing problem. I cannot even chop onions, Dad is a little stunned that he actually has to peel them completely before chopping. He keeps giving me "why does this matter?" looks. I finally slept this morning about 3 AM, after hydrocodone, ice and prayer, listening to psalms - very soothing.

Nancy is still bringing me a mid sized chest of drawers for the bedroom, but shehas been covered up with various responsibilities. Mb will be here the 19th, and hopefully we can knock out the rest of this mass of paper.

Dad played golf his past week for the first timein several months. He enjoyed it, playing with a friend, and his game hadn't slipped too very much. He will be 84 very soon. At this point, neither of us really wants much that we don't already have. His blood tests were outstanding! Our doctor was dubious about us trying the Nutri system for diabetics, but it has been a miracle. His only problem was a possibly too low blood pressure. The dizziness problem seems solved since he has picked up his monthly B-12 shots. He had forgotten to go in each month.

The garden is a jungle at this point. Needs weeding and cutting back - one of these days. I have been forced to learn what can take care of itself in this alkaline soil and punishing heat, and those things which are adapted are actually still blooming. Probably some fertilizer would help. We make slow progress on trying to do something about this garage. have total faith that it will happen. Since I have a Mally box and know how to reach christians in Action (they pickup stuff) we are moving things out of here. I keep losing weight, but I'm afraid to get rid of the 'fat' clothes. Been here before and done that. But I may have to stop wearing my wedding ring as it keeps slipping off.

The hearing over our possession of our church building will be held soon. We would of course, like to keep it, and truly feel it is legally ours, however if the judgement goes against us, we will need to move. We had one judge whom we all approved (both sides) and after he started the hearings, he died. Two more were put up - we dismissed one, and the other side dismissed the other. So now we will have one and have no choice about it. It's in God's hands, here, I'm glad I don't have to worry aboutit.

There is nothing profound in this post - just our lives.

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Mary Beth said...

Yay for being smaller!

Let him leave the onion skin in for oncet, and see how he likes that! Yuck.

love you.