Sunday, September 13, 2009

falling, falling

Yep, I fell again. Saturday morning as I was leaving for a study session at church, I turned my body toward the door and started out. Somehow, my feet didn't turn. Dad says a shoe was in the way - whatever, I cracked the floor again. Got to that meeting, skipped the next one and was pretty sure I had a broken foot. After a really bad night, and prayer, realized that no - no break. The sprain is getting better but it still takes a walker outside and a cane inside. It could have been so bad and it isn't! Joy! I see the ortho guy tomorrow for more shoulder shots and I'll get him to check it out. Already I am paring the coming week down to the bone so I can mostly stay home. As my friend, Pooh says, Oh bother!

It has rained for three-four days here. We always get a 10-15 minute downpour and then it's over. This is just amazing. If you put your head outside and are very quiet, you can actually hear the grass grow. It may even start singing.

I've recently finished an amazing book about the racial integration of Tallahassee, Fla. It holds the dubious distinction of being the last city to cave in. I am writing a commentary on this - we are talking about my home town here, and while I was not in residence much of the time, there are things that need to be said here. IMHO only.


Mary Beth said...

oh, NO!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe you keep falling. What if you had a cane all the time? I just hate this!

Glad for your rain!


Barbara said...

Hope your foot is feeling better. I know you had things you wanted to be doing, but hope you can put your foot up and read another book or two, or three. Love, Barbara