Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

The Friday five this week has to do with movie going. I am having a very hard time copying and pasting just now, so just decided to muse about movies without the format.

Movies - Ummmmm. Well, we talk a lot about going, but somehow we never do it. This may sound nuts to you, but it takes a lot of effort to get your body up and dressed and find the (large amount!) of money required. Then drive to the movies, get a ticket and - aggggh! climb up the ramp and hope there will be something to hold on to as you climb in the dark and try to find a seat without falling all over the place. Plus I can't go without ear plugs, because the decibel level is insane. And deafening. It's just easier to stay home. So we do.

There are exceptions, though. We succumbed to the advertisements and my love of science fiction and went to see Avatar. Not sci-fi, but really good fantasy. It goes without saying that we go to all of the Harry Potter movies. I could live in that world, but we would have to have church. Somehow that wouldn't fit, so I just look on from afar. There are others we really want to see but it is just - as I said - easier to stay home and wait for it to come out on TV. While I was away this last weekend at Spinners Camp, Dad ordered HBO. Apparently he has been wanting this as he explained to me that it really was worth the extra cost. Whatever makes him happy --- maybe some of these movies will be on that.

We could go and rent a movie, but the player doesn't work. In fact we lost one of the controls and have to turn it on and off at the site. We can change channels, however. Did you guess that we are pathetically ill adapted to this technological world in which we live? You would be right. , if I rent movies I will surely forget where I put them, and they get tetchy about these things - they want late money. We remember what life was like before all of these new technologies. They are all wonderful, and would be better if they would work for us. However, there are always books. We are the favorites of the library. We keep their circulation numbers way up. And I usually find the books I have lost sooner or later. They wait, not always patiently, but they wait.

So --- this is how it is with movies and the Butlers. We read, we nap and we watch what we can get on TV. And we are happy with it. That's all that really matters.

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