Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A week without computers

is a lost week in many ways. It took that long for it to be repaired, and I am grateful to the fixers and Nancy for getting it done. Blessings be upon you.

I saw the internist yesterday and he informed me that I was like a leaky boat. He says as soon as he plugs one leak, another one springs open. Surely he exagerates. I feel really pretty good, all things considered. Lots of doctors to see this week and next and they will make me feel even better. Thanks be to the God of all things, who never forgets even the smallest of us.

Amen and amen


Mary Beth said...

If you were really all that leaky you'd be making a MUCH bigger mess. I say he's exaggerating bit time!

MJ said...

Yeah - that's what I think, too.