Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm just recovering

from a totally busy weekend!. Sarah came to help out and gollee, I just get tired watching her. She and Nancy both move so fast and get so much done. MB and I get a lot done, too, but we also rest between things. Sarah put more casseroles in the freezer, and I have a few left from when nancy brought some, so we are in good shape. She cleaned my garden!!!!!! And replanted things and moved them, etc. I am very pleased with the way things look now. The Texas Columbine is in full bloom and so are the roses. Other things will follow. I expect the garage pickup people had a hernia this AM as we put out 6 bags of yard trash as well as normal household trash. The garden isn't large but it is too large for me alone. I never thought this would happen.

We visited Nancy and Scooter's for lunch and that was really nice. Sarah took home two baby kittens, who meowed the entire 5-6 hours home, but who are really happy to be there, now. The dogs seem to tolerate them well, tho they aren't quite sure what they are.. S. won't leave them out together when she is at school, for some time. She has an extra bedroom for the cats, until they all make friends.

George starts training for his Census taker job, in the morning. I am going to really love Thursdays. I go to Mertzon and get to tutor some of the children, teach my Bible class and now baseball is starting and Spencer is such a good little player and loves it so that we love to watch him. Bible class is settled on a place and time, finally. 4 PM in Nancy's classroom.

Doctor's appointments this week, also. This seems to be a continuing thing. We leave Friday after next for Houston and Lake Jackson, again, for s-i-l's 90th birthday. She is still going strong. Mary Beth and Ken as well as the Scotts are going to this also. All on the fly. This family really hangs together. Well, we all like each other.

I missed church this Sunday and will be glad to get there on Wednesday as well as next week. I always miss it when I am not there. What Stan has to say is always so powerful I don't want to miss a word.

God be praised for a great family! All of them!


Sarah said...

The little orange kitten decided to sit on Jake's back yesterday. Jakie is so sweet and tolerant, he just sat there with the kittien on his back until the kitten decided to get down. I don't think Red would've done that.

Sarah said...

After a week with the baby kittens I have a new appreciation for the work involved in raising kittens that tiny. They are cute and adorable but labor intensive. At least they have begun to use the litter box some of the time. I spent the weekend scrubbing the carpet in their room. I am pleased to say that they are bonding with me, but I still have to watch them carefully around Red Dog.

Sarah said...

I guess babies are just messy in general. It seems like they always get a little poop on them. I have to clean their hineys every morning with a warm wet cloth. I'll be glad when they get bigger.