Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aother Friday Five

September 03, 2010
Friday Five: Storms of Life
Martha says at RevGals: I'm listening this morning for word of Hurricane Earl. Is he coming to visit, or will he bypass my part of Maine and move further Downeast, or veer toward Nova Scotia? Should I buy those bottles of water, just in case wind brings branches and power lines down? And how many times will the tracking map change today?

Herewith, a Friday Five about the storms of life:

1) What's the most common kind of storm in your neck of the woods? Tornadoes out here, and hail also. Sometimes the hail is as big as oranges. Ouch!

2) When was the last time you dealt with a significant power outage? When we lived on a river island at the beach ('91-99). We were on the least occupied end of the county and we were sometimes 11 days without power. That Christmas I received a gas powered generator for my gift - I was tremendously pleased. Our water supply depended on electricity as well as the freezers and fridge.

3) Are you prepared for the next one? Well, we don't live there anymore. Now it's tornados and hail. No, no, not prepared. We can't get the car into the garage and we have two skylights.
When we did live there, well the good thing about hurricanes is that you can prepare. I am an old hand at that.

4) What's the weather forecast where you are this weekend? Well, sunny, in the '50's at night, high, 90's and above in the daytime. Ideal

5) How do you calm your personal storms? I just sit and be. I pray. I don't talk. I hurt. I walk through them After awhile they go away.


Barbara B said...

MJ, I love reading your Friday Fives. Keep it up. Love, Barbara

Martha said...

Hi, and welcome to RevGalBlogPals, officially!!! Ask MB to help you put the "button" in your sidebar, okay?

Martha said...
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Mary Beth said...

Welcome to RevGals! Woohoo! Love you mama.

MJ said...

Thank you Barbara and Martha and MB and whomever deleted their comment. MB, I need to put a button in a sidebar. Help, please!