Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Friday five......

Mindful that many others are heading off to further schooling or delivering their loved ones to the institutions that provide it, here are five questions about dorm life.

1) What was the hardest thing to leave behind when you went away to school for the first time?
Nothing! Boy was I ready! Of course I was in my home town, and all my high school friends were in the class, too. But I was "out of the house, hooray"

2) We live in the era of helicopter parents.
They didn't make a fuss. My helicoptering mother came to my room every week and picked up mylaundry to do at home. I wish she hadn't.

3) Share a favorite memory of living with schoolmates, whether in a dorm or other shared housing. I loved being able to stay out at night until 10:00 - yes, we had a curfew.

4) What absolute necessity of college life in your day would seem hilariously out-of-date now?
Really, nothing. The rooms were bare, we had a bed, a table, a chair, a lamp, some sheles and a closet (very small). Nothing else was allowed, but I could be messy if I wanted, and I wanted.

5) What innovation of today do you wish had been part of your life in college?
Bathrooms for each room. Everyhbody used the ONE bathroom at the end of the hall. And computers, too.

Bonus question for those whose college days feel like a long time ago: Share a rule or regulation that will seem funny now. Did you really follow it then? No men in the dorm EVER! Regular curfew of 10 PM, and old ladies who lined up to sniff us when we had a late night after a dance. We could have been drinking, you know! If caught we would be shipped - this means sent home in disgrace. Still, these rules were better than the ones I had at home, and you bet we followed them! O my - how long ago that was. 1949, forevermore ago..

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