Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five again

l. What is your favorite movie for watching when you are curled up under a wooly blanket?

The Odd Couple - just breaks me up. Also like Amadeus and Swan Lake.

2. Describe what book you would read in the same situation.

Depends on how I feel. Right now I am curled up with Dr. Doolittle, which I haven't read for 60 years. Then, there's always Harry Potter.

3. What foods do you tend to eat/cook when it's cold? mmmmm - Chicken and rice, stews and soups, scrambled eggs, and bacon - when the doctor lets me eat bacon.

4. What would you do on a snow day, or a pretend snow day? Read, of course, knit, eat. Maybe take out all my yarns and play with them - but then I'd have to put them back.

5.Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, (ed comment - NO!)or are you more likely to be indoors playing board games.

I'd play board and card games gladly, but for the games I like - scrabble, aggravation, 5 crowns, Up words, etc., DH won't play with me. He says I always win. I don't, but if he doesn't win 4 our of 5 times, he won't play. I used to import grandchildren forthis, but they have grown too big,now. Sob.

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