Saturday, July 2, 2011

complete idiots

On this subject, I have been one of these for the last week. Having found lumps in an aching breast, I was escorted to various physicians by my everloving youngest, only to find out, after writing my complete funeral service, that I did not, not, not, have cancer. Why was I so quick to accept it? No idea - I am usually not that wimpy, but somehow I did it, even with Nancy and Dad poo-poohing the whole thing. To my next crisis I now say, So What? And to my children, forgive my maundering and stewing.

In other news, my sister in Tallahassee is and has been hospitalized for some time. She has atrial fibrillation and nothing seems to stop it. I hope to see her when we go over next weekend. The trip will also give us a chance to visit MB and Ken. He has been in some misery and there will be more to go before he is well, but they soldier on (unlike me). It will be so good to be there with them and I hope to find a way to be a help to MB. They are both very special to me.

That said, I have, for some years, been copying quotes from books, bits that especially spoke to me, and I think it's time to share some of them with you. I ususally comment on them, even if briefly. So, next time look for some of these.

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