Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy December

I just seem to glance away for a few seconds and another month is here! When I look at the schedule for December, I think I might just as soon skip this month - too much stuff! But all of it is good. (especially Christmas!) I did learn on Wednesday that I might as well not schedule more than two events in a day becuse I just won't get them all done. I backed out of a party then. Too bad. It was an auction in which we all bring stuff to sell to benefit the treasury. I was going to unload a lot of things I no longer need but which I am sure somebody will just love. I guess there is always next year. Today is a monstrous trip to the grocery store. It is a comedy by the time I get to the checkout counter. I need to use the riding carts, and they are just too small. I usually have food between my feet, behind me and in my lap and one hand is holding the pile in the cart to keep it from falling over. I know I should go more often, but HEB has doubled the size of the store and it takes at least two hours to navigate the thing. It really was large enough before. OK, enough rant about the grocery store. I'm really glad we have a good one.

When we came home from Thanksgiving I couldn't find all my meds. I am not famous as a good packer, and eventually they were there, but for about a week I took no meds. It felt fabulous! I am adding back the things I took slowly and will see the cardiologist in a couple of weeks to consult with him. It is cold and I absolutely love the cold! I think I like cold weather clothes more than warm weather things.

We are going with Nancy and crew to see the young people's production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in a couple of weeks, and we're really looking forward to this. The University has a neat program in the astronomy theater and we hope to get to it also. Tomorrow night is the Christmas symphony - we always enjoy that. Then,tomorrow during the day, we will be at the show barn to watch the children show their goats and rabbits. It's their first year with rabbits. Happily, Nancy was excused from her class since she passed her ExCet class (Cheers for her!!!) so we get to see her also. She'll finish this degree in May and graduate. I wish for her that she could take some time off before starting the next one, but she says not, and she knows what she needs better than I do.


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