Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home alone...

I don't think too much of this home alone stuff, although it does cut down on cooking time. Dad left last evening for Loganville, Ga. for an organizational meeting of the new Anglican diocese structure in the Americas. They had an awful time getting there. The plane coming in to Angelo, which was to take them to Dallas was having trouble getting here, and the authorities said no way were they going to let it up again till they fixed it. So the guys drove to Dallas and still had many delays after making the Dallas to Atlanta flight. However they are there and things are going fine. Will be home in the wee hours Saturay night.

I am meeting friend Carlene at the hospital for an early dinner tonight. Her husband, who is always on oxygen, now has pneumonia. She is really a comfort to me, and it's my turn.

We loved having the Butler and Barnes contingent here for two days of grand golf. One night we went to Nancy/Scooters for a fabulous dinner. I took dessert, and since I know better than to show up without a pumpkin pie, I took one along with other food. Superb steak, jalapeno, cream cheese and bacon entrees, and I ate rather too many. Yeeks, they are somewhat good. Don took us out to Red Lobster for Saturday nightl. I could get used to this!. They have promised to try to come more often - we always love having them.

My cardiologists visit was positive and while I am not in prefect shape, some things are better and nothing is worse. Very encouraging. Next I see the GI specialist for the results of my uper GI. They haven't told me anything ecept that none of the tests showed cancer. I have photos of the tests and they look like they are from outer space.

I've been listening to lectures lately. The first was on the formation of blackholes in space. I didn't get much of what was going on there, but the second was on the 'Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire' (GIbbon) and I plan to say more about that in the next post. We seem to be ignoring history and doing the same things that destroyed that civilization. I'll hit you with that when I find the CD again. later.....


Katie B said...

Sorry to miss a visit to see you in San Angelo! Mom and Dad had a great time and I look forward to finding a time to visit.

Along the lines of the rise and fall of Rome, you may want to read Cullen Murphy's book, Are We Rome? The Fall of an Empire and the fate of America. I really enjoyed it - very thought provoking! Link to Amazon:

Mary Beth said...

I checked the news in Loganville for ACNA. There is none. Are you sure they haven't gone to The Twilight Zone!?

I know you will be glad to have him home again. Give Carlene a hug for me.