Thursday, March 12, 2009

It rained! About an inch in

two days, not too hard, just steady. Just what we needed. Now maybe the grass will grow and the deer will stop eating my flowers.

Grandson Marshall just won 6th place in UIL extemporaneous speaking! Like, hooray all over the place! And the thing is, he didn't even practice. He will probably win first next year with a little practice. I guess he got the gift of gab from his dad. Bill relished his time debating in high school and college- he sneakily got his partner to do the research and he did the orating. I remember Blinn college was really after him to come there because of his debating skills. We're really proud of you, Marshall - keep after it.

Leaving early in the morning for Denton via Glen Rose. George is pretty excited about golf with Arthur, but I am ecstatic about all the fleeces and dye pots. I'm taking grubby clothes with me as I am a messy dyer.

Later, y'all...

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