Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh, help!!!

Dad had a very successful meeting with the Anglican formation, but they had a miserable time both coming and going. Planes were not where they were supposed to be, some never came, the airports were constantly being closed. But, they made it, only just.

But now!! Now he has decided that he doesn't want to fly, especially through Atlanta, so he thinks he is going to drive to St. Teresa, and that I am going to ride along but not drive at all! Really! That way, he reasons, no airports, no late or cancelled flights, no Atlanta airport and our car when we get there. All very reasonable, except the man is 83 and has no business doing this. He did concede that we would take two days to do this. I might consider it if it were three, both coming and going but that is really idiotic. I really mean Oh Help!. I don't think we can get through this in one piece both physically and mentally. Somebody with some authority please put the kibosh on this one.


Barbara said...

I agree this is a bad idea. When are you going? Anyone else scheduled to go that can do the driving? I couldn't figure out how to stop him from driving home from Mertzon the other night, but you can put my name on the list of people who think his driving across country would be a mistake.

Mary Beth said...

Holy smokes.

Let's think: who does he think has authority? None of us. Why not have Stan talk with him?