Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help is greatly underrated by some

but not by me. Last weekend, Sarah came out, complete with food to cook for us for the weekend, and Nancy came. Nancy took away great grammas 3 piece antique love seat - chair set and took it to her climate controlled storeroom. At first it was scary, things were so bare. Then Nancy picked up the sofa (folks, this has a bed in it!) and moved it under the window. She had to leave pretty soon, so Sarah and I began going through all the piles of papers and other stuff. It is scary how much there is, but it has to be sorted. Because.....we found my passport, two insurance policies and a check. You just never know. At Nancy's suggestion, we now have accordion folders to sort mail as it comes in. Works like a dream. Of course, I have not had to transfer these things to the permanent files, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. It is really great to have the room look large and open, rather than cut in half. Thanks and kudos to these two girls. Next month Mary Beth will come and we will tackle some more. She keeps my nose to the grindstone too. Left to myself, I take on Scarlett's attitude - I'll worry about that tomorrow. I have heart, now, because I can finally see a difference. Thank you girls, all three. Don't know what I'd do without you. Find myself at the bottom of a pile of papers, probably.

My 3-5 kid choir is singing Sunday - doing Jesu, Jesu, which is a Ghanian song. We're using all sorts of wild instruments. We have wood blocks with sandpaper glued to them and handles on the top. They make a nice noise. Then we have hollow sticks, and yesterday I bought a block with a tapper for it. I have one little boy who has never yet missed a beat, so he and one other do the percussion. Not being a technical person, I have enlisted help and we wil be amplified this week. Somehow, when the kids can hear themselves the cut loose and really belt it out. Our next song will require bells and we have lots and lots of them. I'll have to write some percussion for Drew - that's why he is there.

Dad and I took the test for census workers. He worked the last one, ten years ago in Glen Rose, and likes going house to house. I am opting for a sit down computer job. Hoping that what I know will be enough. The test was not hard, but we only had 30 minutes to do 29 questions and a lot of them are convoluted in language. Being a fast reader helps, but only so much. These people can twist language around so you aren't even sure what the question is. I'll let you know what happens.

Blessings, all.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout out, Mom.

How did your census tests come out?

MJ said...

Well, I scored higher on mine than George did on either of his. He was ticked - said it was all because I read so fast. Probably right. I think we both did ok. If I don't get a job, OK, cause there won't be many office jobs,but I'd really love to pay out these credit cards, then cut them up.
Actually I scored 22 our of 29, and dad was still about 17. Frankly, I thought I did better than that.

Grandmama Sarah said...

I'm too impressed with your "get my life in order" progress. Your "stuff", your personal papers, your taken on extra work to take care of your finances.

All this when we know you aren't physically feeling great AND you're teaching a bible study and working with a children's choir.

Simplifying it all makes it so much easier to take care of what's left and concentrate on the important issues of life: people we love and those we unknowingly touch.

You make me proud of you.

MJ said...

Thanks, GreatSally - I am the blind leading the blind. And Ithink you are pretty terrific, too.