Saturday, January 9, 2010


I saw my lovely neurologist. He is appalled at the state of my spine, but reluctant to consider surgery on an old lady with heart problems. He has decided I am not limited to three spinal shots a year, but can have as many as I need. He also RXed a newer and more versatile TENS unit for me. That's what a bunch of lumpy, useless discs can do for you. And I always took my calcium, too. It could be worse, tho. So, I don't have to stop my life and go off to a hospital, and that's always good news.

I am teaching a course for our women's group from an Andrew Murray on the Lord's prayer. I had forgotten what fun it is to teach. I don't know about the others, but I'm having a great time.

Sarah will be here very soon - weekend after next, I think. She has many plans and so do I. Chances are that won't get all of them done. We never do when I host a work weekend. But things are getting better and better. Nancy is going to help me rearrange this living room. It doesn't feel hospitable except for our recliners. I'm sure she can make it better - she has the 'gift'.

Blessings on all.


Mary Beth said...

Glad no surgery in the immeidate future! SO glad he will give as many shots as you need. Really, that makes perfect sense to ME!!!!!!!

Glad the class is being fun. love and love...

Grandmama Sarah said...

I wonder if massage therapy might not relieve some of that pain. They tell me that even though the source of the pain may be a condition in the bones (or a diseased organ), often the pain is felt in the muscles which tense up and go into spasm, causing incredible pain which is worse than the original.

I can recognize a "charley horse" right off, but a muscle spasm in my right upper chest that causes intense back pain is a whole lot harder for me to pin down.

You might check out Dr. Perry is a DC who practices this kind of massage therapy, because it works.

Before she came on the scene, I "did it myself" with The Trigger Point Therapy Book by Clair Davies and his daughter Amber.

Is pain a "natural" part of aging? I would hope not, but most people I know live with some measure of pain on a daily basis. Mama used to say, "Half the world gets up sick and the other half doesn't feel good."

In the meantime, we follow our callings. Wish I could sit under your teaching.

MJ said...

You are right about massage, and I have 3 coupons from christmas to use. Also George has volunteered to get me to an acupuncturist to see if that will help.