Monday, January 11, 2010

Too many 'fings'

One of my favorite books from my childhood on (I haven't left it yet) is "Helen's Babies." In this ,Toddie,
a wonderful little boy, comments something like: 'I don't want no more fings. I gots too much fings"
Like Toddie, I gots too much fings. The house abounds with fings. I have plans to get rid of these fings,
though. Sneaky, secret plans. Just you wait and see.


Mary Beth said...

Here's the quote:

"What would you like, Toddie?"

"Wants a candy cigar," replied Toddie.

"What else?"

"Don't want NUFFIN' else—don't want to be boddered wif LOTS of fings."

Did you know you can find this and skillions of other fabulous books online in their entirety at ? Check it out! :)

Mary Beth said...

here's the direct link to the book... :)

MJ said...

Thanks much! The real quote is much better than the one I approximated. Will follow this link and reread the book. Always loved it. m

Barbara said...

"Fings" have taken over, haven't they. Have heard Dad talk about that book, too. Will have to read it.

Barbara said...

Comment #2: Downloaded Helen's Babies to my iphone, so now I can read it whenever!

MJ said...

And you will love it! I don't know how many years ago I first read it, but I love it still. I do like an opinionated child - sometimes.