Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No, no, no...

I am not better. I have been to doctor and have lots of meds. Now I will load up on these and go off to Walmart for groceries. I know, I know, I could send dad, who is better off that I am, but he won't do it right. No martyrs here, but I definitely know exactly what I want. How hard could it be, when I ride a cart, anyway? Then I will crawl in bed and listen to Harry Potter. I can quote along with the reader, you know. Very soothing, this - if I miss a few lines, I know what they are, anyway.

I sent my 7" DVD player to Scooter to see why I can't get a picture. He says I'm not likely to get one with a CD. I knew that - I really did!. Just thought I had a DVD in there. Now, if he will lay his hands on the DVD player connected to TV and make it work, I will be very happy. He's really a grand person. We are lucky to
have him in the family.


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