Monday, February 15, 2010

On Sunday,

Iwas all ready to go to church when I fell on my face in the corner by the bed. Not so bad, but I whacked my cheekbone on the corner of the table. This hurt a lot, so I announced it loudly. Dad brought me ice, and I went to church with an ice bag and kept it on there the whole time. Today it is growing purple and swelling. Just charming. I know it could have been worse, but darn it, did it just have to happen? I seem to be one of the folks who have visual-spatial problems, and you'd thing it would get better but

Today the stitchers group met here. Our reular meeting place was not available. So I cleaned some more and now the front part of the l-d room is nice. I have until next Thursday (of next week) before I begin leading a discussion of the sermon from the Sunday before. Between now and then, the table and bar have to be emptied. It would be helpful if these things went somewhere 'right' but there is no where 'right' so they are in the back, piled up. Maybe I need a small backyard fire. ????? A large one? How large is legal?

Getting more ice for face. Agggh


Barbara said...

I am so sorry that to hear that you fell & are hurting. I hope the group meetings go well. Take care.
Love, Barbara

MJ said...

Thanks Barbara - I will get well - I always do. I think our meetings will be good, too, altho I don't know two or the attendees. Still, I'll know them soon.