Monday, May 3, 2010

Shades of my youth

in Tallahassee at St. John's. The recessional Sunday was Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus!. And here I am with only enough air to mouth the words. Pfaugh!

Reader Alert: Whine coming!

First, I don't believe in whining and don't tolerate it, but some situations allow for a good whine about once a year or so. There I was with no air. My ribs hurt from fighting for air to breathe,tho it is easing. And I couldn't sing! Have an appt on Wed. with pulmonologist and if this takes oxygen, it will frustrate me - not enough to keep me from using it, but, this just isn't supposed to happen!!!!!
Another doctor told me they would help me get and use my wheelchair when the time came.!!
When the time came??? What time?? Huh????? I never planned for that to happen either! What wheelchair would this be? This is going to interfere majorly with my independence and I am SO NOT HAPPY! On the other hand, they never said death is imminent - the opposite, in fact. So.........whine over, folks. I am still functioning tho I sound like a death rattle when I breathe. At least I am breathing.

This is all just such a surprise. Also this morning's doctor says a shoulder replacement is essential and gave me a choice of Dallas or here. I choose here, which means the Dallas specialist will come here. Fine with me. All this will happen after I finish playing this summer -like going to the beach with the Scotts. I pray this oil spill won't reach our bit of paradise and I grieve for those who are having it. Also for the wildlife and sea life that is being killed. While I don't wamt to go back to horse and buggy days, I grieve that we are so dependent on oil. It causes destruction and wars. So do a lot of other things these days. Like people.

After some thought, it seems to me that the answer to all these current problems is adapt,adapt adapt. Then adapt some more. I can do that. I've spent 78 years doing that.I should have a PhD in "Adapt".

In other news (aren't you glad the whine is over?), we go to Lake Jackson this weekend for s-i-l's
90th birthday party. The next weekend, Mary Beth is coming (Whistles and streamers !) Hope we can get some things done and have some fun, too.

I backed out of the study tonight at Daughter's because of old 'no breath'. Too bad - it's good, this study. But I plan to teach my Commandments study on Thursday, regardless. If they have to wait for me to breath before I can go on, so be it. I have things to say! As usual!

In His name...


Mary Beth said...

I thought the other doctor told you, "no shoulder replacement, no way, no how."

I'm confused!

And sorry for all the troubles. love you.

MJ said...

You think You area confused? If the neurologist is right, nobody will touch the shoulder. But, my heart is doing well, so I can get a pass there. I just have to wait and see. Had a shoulder injection and it is working just fine. One day at a time. Adapt, adapt.

Sarah said...

Poop on adapt. I'm going to get militant!

MJ said...

This I gotta see!

Sarah said...

You mean you haven't seen me militant yet?? Where were you during my teenage years?

MJ said...

Oh yeah, that. Bllllllh - that's me shivering.