Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is a coming.....

And I don't know about fat geese, but I have finished shopping. Every year I say I will only gift the young grands and the 1 great grand, but somehow I wind up not doing this. I have found the easy way,though. I can't walk or stand for long, so I get dozens and dozens of catalogs and there is plenty in there for everyone. Oops! Take it back - I still have to go to bookstore, but that is a vacation for me- they have chairs and I can sit and browse. I am buying books for the grandsons who are still in public school and they are books I have loved, so getting them is great fun.

Ana is here hanging up clothes and helping me put a better light in the closet. I can't tell you how many mornings I have started off to church with either navy or black pants on, only to discover that they are not the color I thought they were, when I get into the outside light. DH thinks this is hysterically funny and keeps whispering to me that everyone is pointing at me for having on the wrong pants. I may have to kick a shin or two,here.

I am taking antibiotics and they are helping, finally. Of course if I had done this a couple of weeks ago, I could have saved myself misery, but I keep thinking I can beat this one on my own. Found out I couldn't, though. My shoulder replacement is scheduled for Jan 3. I hope this is an easy one. Also hope it is the last one.

I wonder why everyone is so hysterical about being patted and wanded at the airport. I have had to do this for years, having three pieces of titanium in me. I wear moccasins or sandals and socks and make the officials help me get them back on, since I can't reach my own feet. I read somehwere that muslims in burkhas are exempt from this, but I really doubt this is true. Really, what's the point?

Maybe tomorrow we can get to the stock show. The kids are showing goats and pig (singular) and maybe rabbits? I do enjoy it, but the dust and I are sworn enemies. We'll see how it goes.

Blessings to all of you, especially at this blessed time of year.

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Barbara B said...

Glad the medication is helping you. You are way ahead of me on the shopping. I better get cracking.