Monday, December 6, 2010

Yesterday morning,

as I entered the narthex of the church, I saw many people waiting to go in to church, and on each face was a huge smile. Then I felt the love in the room - so thick I could almost hold it in my hand. This is my home- it is where I belong. Then we went into the sanctuary and worshipped with song, prayers and learning. I was privileged to read the first lesson, from Isaiah - 'and a little child shall lead them'. Talk about cold chills! These experiences get deeper and deeper each Sunday. I know God is preparing me to come home, and that it will get deeper and deeper, although I can't imagine this now. As the Narnia books say ' further in and farther out' (?) this deepness defies expession. Soon I'll know. But the people who say "love makes the world go around" are right, and most of them don't even know the sort of love of which I speak. Some day we all will. Maranatha!

As I reread this, I think I may sound as if I am dying. As far as I know I am not. I just think all worship services and fellowships should be like this one was - filled with the Holy Spirit.


Mary Beth said...

How good to read you!

We are all dying...the more aware of it we are, the better. that's what I think.

love you.

MJ said...

thanks - this was such a profound experience for me.

Sarah said...

You should always live like today is your last day. It very well could be.