Friday, December 17, 2010

an absorbing book

I don't usually tout a book in this venue, but want to call your attention to this last one I read. "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky." I picked it up casually, but I'm glad I did. It details the events in the life of an American woman who went to Yemen to be a teacher of journalism to Yemenis who put out an English newspaper. She finds herself the effective editor as well, and since I knew little about Yemen, I am gratified to know this much more. Included are her trials with reporters with absolutely no journalistic training, imperfect English and the national crisis with the drug qat. It is hard to see how such a nation can ever leave the third world status it occupies when almost all of it's inhabitants are stoned most of the time. However, her efforts are heroic and funny and ultimately rewarding - do give this book a try.

Blessings to all....especially at this blessed time of year.

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