Friday, May 20, 2011


it rained. Since I first started complaining about the drought, it rained last night. The trees and what grass is left look considerably happier. As I look over the map of our country (the world is beyond me right now) I realize we can't do a thing about the tornadoes. They come and go as they will. But I watch those who live on the Mississippi losing everything, and sometimes their lives from the flood, and I look at us. The ranch fire burned 5000 acres, and incredibly (and thanks to God and the volunteer firemen) the animals, the people, the buildings are all ok. The pastures are burnt however. Other fires were not so easily contained- not that this one was easy.

There has to be a way we can dig canals from the Mississippi, so that in times like these, we can siphon off some of their flood and water our cotton and wheat, and our animals and deny fire it's gobbling up of everything in the path-- also keeping people along the rivers safely in their homes. I know, I know, it would cost a lot, but think of the plusses.

There I go, daydreaming again.....

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