Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Five

Jan says at RevGals:

Since January our Sunday Spiritual Formation hour (or Sunday School) has been devoted each week to the presenter's description of a word that describes passion/love or something. No one knows who will be presenting or what the topic will be ahead of time! Each session has been invigorating in a different way. Last week's speaker talked about "words" and finished our time by asking each one of us what "word" we wanted to share--a favorite one.

So my suggestion for today's Friday Five is to write about 5 words you really like. Please explain why you have chosen each word, in such ways as:

It is a

•description or attribute of yourself
•activity you enjoy
•word that is spelled or pronounced in an interesting way
•passion of yours
•word that brings you hope, peace, or comfort
•word you like to repeat or sing

tickle box (turned over) - because I spent so much of my childhood giggling with friends.

teaching - because I may have retired, but I will never stop teaching..

diadochokinesis- the word I used when admins started telling me how to teach. It always shut them up - they didn't want to admit they never heard of it. But it's real and needs to be addressed.

sailing - because it is the thing I am happiest doing - only it is always by myself. Just me and the boat and the ocean. What glee!

Mmmm - hope, peace and comfort? Love, of course.

Alleluia, over and over.

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