Tuesday, April 14, 2009

after Easter....

Easter Sunday service was so wonderful I'm suprised we all didn't ascend as a group. We were nearly floating. It's funny, as much as I love to sing with the choir, how much more worshipful the service is when I am not up in the loft shuffling music. I sing just fine in my seat downstairs.
I am still hauling my knitting with me wherever I go. Or a book. Or both. These are my security blankets. I am so sick and tired of knitting this prayer shawl!!! I cast on way, way too many stitches and it just does not need to be this big, but God forbid I should ever rip it out! I am about to start tapering the ends off to minimize it. I can't imagine what I was thinking about. Maybe a blanket? I am also crocheting a baby blanket and a scarf. I think maybe this is faster than knitting and I do like the results.

I have decided that the doctor doesn't get to tell me I am old. I am not old until I say so, and I don't say so just yet. I did skip the tree climbing,however. We had Easter noon meal with the Scotts and had wonderful ribs. Scooter is a magic cook. The rest was good, too. Baseball starts this Thursday, and we'll be there for the children's games.

I goofed and signed up for the prayer vigil for Easter at 4:00 am on Thursday night. I think somebody changed it, because I have better sense than that. But,since it was done, I set the clock and the hour seemed amazingly short. We are both scheduled to serve at the altar this week and next. I will see how this goes. I love doing this and hope I can keep it.

My garden is all fixed. I think I will grow one of those upside down tomatoes there this year. Not exactly compatible with a flower garden, but it's my garden and I get to do what I want. I am ordering a unit that flashes a light when somebody or something comes near. Maybe that will scare the deer off.

Now, this is a promise. Tomorrow I am going to straighten this front room up a bit. Mucho filing to be done and lots of paper to shred. I thought computers were to free us from paper but it has multiplied rather than decreased. Still, I love,love, love my computer.

I went to the dollar store today and had a blast. I also bought a new watch at Pay Less. $9.00 whole dollars. My, I am extravagant. But I can see it and it doesn't flop around on my wrist so it meets my needs.

Have glorious days, y'all...

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