Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's baseball time!

Every Thursday we go to Mertzon to see Spencer and Mally play ball. Spencer plays machine pitch ball and for Mally it is regular baseball. The funny one is the group playing T-ball. Our kids aren't in that now, but I still sneak a peek. If one of he kids manages to hit the ball, about five go running after it, then they all fall on the ground and have a fight to see who gets to pick it up and throw it. There's no admission, but if there were, it would be worth it to laugh that hard. Last week, Mally got hit in the head with a ball- actually she hit it, it went up and she looked around to see where it went when it smacked her in the back of the head. She was wearing a helmet, thank goodness. I thought for a minute she might go take on the pitcher, but when she gave her head a good shake she went on and took her base. She plays outfield, just as I did, and again , just like me, she doesn't catch balls, she chases them and throws them back. I never willingly played baseball. Her mom tries to get her to wear her uniform pants and socks for when she slides into base - her answer was there was no way she was ever going to slide in. It seems to be a boy thing. They really love it. PE was at the bottom of my list of classes - well, maybe after algebra. Spencer is a master catcher, but none of them really throw accurately. Last week we watched him hit a home run. There's a good concession stand and typical food. Sometimes Nancy sings the national anthem. Maybe next week. It's a fun afternoon.

I get to know more and more Mertzonites. Our new church secretary is from there and has a child in Nancy's class. She does a good job for us.

I still haven't found a house cleaner. Eeerk! I must do a better job of networking to find one. George is going to mop the kitchen tomorow and I will try the bathroom - the one people see.

Now I hear worse and worse news about the new flu. I am sure all the Tamiflu and other such products are gone from the shelves, but we need more aspirin and Tylenol. Also a few other things. Nancy said she wiped all the doorknobs in her school and all her student's desks with clorox wipes. Wonder if I can get some of those.

The fire ants I dumped when we repotted some of the plants have moved back in. Scooter bought me some fire ant poison and I applied it - the next day they had just moved over. Repeat and so now I have put the poison all around where they were. They are so clever and determined. I can ask to be put on the monthly exterminators list, whether it is our month or not and I may have to. They may be more determined than I am.

I have been asked to lead a Bible study again, and am mulling over Daniel vs John. Need to visit the bookstores and see what they have to help me. It's been a long time since I taught the feasts of Israel and it's very pertinent to the Christian calendar, so that is also a maybe.

Dad finally saw the doctor and he has increased his insulin and is injecting twice daily. The levels are going down accordingly. I need to pick up some more sugar free puddings and jellos. He loves things with sugar and I love things with fat. He's diabetic and I have a bum heart. We are, indeed, what we eat.


Joe said...

Interesting story. I remember trying to play baseball. Thanks for reading my book. Joe Hilley

Barbara said...

Congratulations to the kids on their baseball. Sounds very entertaining, too. Hope Dad gets his levels evened out with the extra insulin. EHS has a student who has tested positive for the H1N1 (Swine) Flu, so our campus has been locked down since Wednesday evening. We won't be able to reopen until May 14th. The student is recovering well. Take care. Barbara

Mary Beth said...

If you agree to lead the bible study then you have to be there every time. Even if yo udon't feel like it. I'm just saying.

I'll call you tomorrow about maids.

Whitney T. Kuniholm said...

I noticed you read my book The Essential Bible Guide. Thanks for the mention. Perhaps you'd be interested in my blog: Blessings.