Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh, darn....

I saw the GI specialist yesterday, and it seems (he thinks) that I am making my own stomach ache. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with my body (except age). I wasn't prepared for this and was looking for something to fix it.

He knows I have an anxiety disorder and have meds for it. What he actually said was that 'you are almost 78 years old, you have a bum heart and pretty bum lungs. Also you've had four joint replacements and have arthritis all over your body. Basically, you are old.' I told him I didn't appreciate that, which he thought was very funny. He has decided to treat this for a month with more Xanax during the day, which does seem to quiet the stomach ache a lot, and go from there. He also suggested that I stop racing around doing so much, and try to live a quieter life - one easier on my body. I looked down at my bag of knitting (which goes everywhere, because God forbid I should waste time!), and I asked if that was part of the problem. He told me that is the beginning of insight.

So, I have decided to do the things I really want to, which don't make me tired, and skip the other stuff. I hate giving up serving at the altar, but am so dizzy that I fear I might spill the chalice, or fall over. So-- this is TEMPORARY!!! I will try it his way. I can't imagine not being busy. I have realized however, that there are multiple opportunities for ministry out here, just visiting with my neighbors and listening to their woes. I am not sidestepping the doctor, I don't think, just reducing my racing around. What the church is really all about is preparing members for ministry. I'll let you know if this works. Dad isn't sure I can stop. I expect my body will force me to. Maybe I'll wrote a book on growing old gracefully in case I can manage to be graceful about all this.

In other news, Nancy receives her MA degree early next month and we are going to the ceremony. We are really proud of her, as we were of Mary Beth. An MA is a lot of hard work. I know.

We are definitely going to the beach this summer, and I am truly excited. Since I never know what may be the next to last trip,(the last trip is ashes) I plan to hook up with those members of my graduating class who live there and we'll have a loooong lunch and just visit. Otherwise, I plan to relax and wallow in sand and salt water. We hope to go over to the St. Marks river and rent a boat for a day fishing on the flats. Maybe a speckled trout dinner, even, if we are lucky. With fishing ,for me, the catch is secondary. Just fishing is enough.

Blessings to all.....

PS. I may get Nancy to help me climb a tree on Sunday, since I am only old, not ancient. Do you suppose she will?

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Mary Beth said...

She won't let you do it without help, that's for sure! I say go for it.