Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I read a book...

by a lady who complains about how hard it is to just sit and do things you want to do. She is overwhelmed by the tyranny of the urgent. I'm so glad I'm not afflicted with this. I can look areound at all that needs doing and happily go back to my book. Some day it will catch up to me, but until then, bring on the books. I'm reminded of Zits in the funnies today. It's a teen/parents strip, and Jeremy's best friend hands him a paper saying, 'don't lose this. It's my only copy." Jeremy says "I'll put it with my most important papers' as he throws it over his shoulder. Then he says ' its a great filing system, but it'll be heck when I have to find something. I really identify with all this. I think I'll hire a filer. Yes! Good idea!

Since dad's blood sugar is outa sight, he saw the doctor today,who greatly increases his insulin and now he is injecting twice a day. He is sad he has to give up ice cream. Really!!!

Nancy had a disastrous upper GI test this week. Not enough anesthetic, so really bad.

On Sunday, after church (during which I served as LEM and torch bearer both- you have to be versatile around here) and one of my partners said, as we left the church, 'You really scare me'. I know I wobble, and the Deacon often steadies me with a hand on the shoulder, so I finally got the messsage and took a leave of absence from this work. I will still read the Epistle, as that is done by a parishoner coming from the pews. This is making me very sad, but I am going to nag my doctors to 'fix' me so I can go back to serving at the altar.

We have just made a decision to skip going to the symphony next year. We love the music but it has become a real chore to get ready and get down there. We have a bus to ride, but it makes Dad furious because we are first picked up and last let off. There is a reason for that but he doesn't care. He does have a short fuse.

My prayer shawl is almost finished. I somehow made it entirely too wide. I won't do that again.

I went shopping for my spring plantings. Brought them home and realized I am in no shape to do this work. So I sent an SOS to the Scotts who took turns coming to help. It was a lot of work, and I really appreciate it. People are stopping and asking me what various plants are. I meet lots of people this way.

Hey, guys, it rained 3 whole inches a couple of nights ago!. It may save some of the crops. As usual, I slept through the whole thing.

We are so looking forward to going to the beach in July. I dream about St. Teresa often, and again last night. I do miss it, and I'll love being there.
Big family reunion in July also and a big church meeting in June. I guess we'll have our foot in the road a lot, but after all this, we'll stay home.

I'm reading a really good book on journaling. My blog is my journal, and I guess that's why it is often disjointed. It's a reflection of me. Might as well be homest.


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Pfeiffer Photos said...

Your book list is wonderful! Thanks for listing so I can find some of these gems at my local library. I found your blog via our shared like of the film, On Golden favorite. :-)