Monday, August 3, 2009

Round up---

I have been invited to attend the West Texas Crochet and Knit Round-Up here this next weekend. I am thinking that I may go for a little while - I'm not able to stand for very long, or walk around. I think I'd just like to see who is there and how this goes. Started by a young service wife whose husband in stationed at Goodfellow, here, this is really going 'uptown'. The real reason I'm not interested is that she plans for us to start two different guilds -one for knitting, one for crocheting and pay dues to each as well as elect officers. The guild I now attend has both knitting and crocheting, and I even offered a spinning demo for a program once. We provide programs from our membership mostly by volunteers. The potential guild offers classes, and conventions. Also they talk of organizing as in officers and dues, etc. I really want to run away here. At my age I really enjoy the two groups in which I participate. In one we chip in a dollar each time we come for a gift for the church in which we are meeting. The other one is in our church and costs nothing. We have no officers, nobody reading minutes, no real agenda except to help and teach each other and create things for both hospital NICU's and for the church, as well as for ourselves. People have tried to organize me all my life and I still don't like it. So I think I'll stick with what I have.

At church yesterday, friends were horrified at my recent fall. They had threatened me earlier to wrap me in bubble wrap - several layers. Now they talk of bolstering that with pillows. They have picked me up often enough. Just realized that when I fall on carpet, I usually don't damage myself but if it is in the bathroom or kitchen, I really do. Maybe I should see a neurologist about all this falling - it is increasing. Maybe some PT would help. Something needs to.

Nancy is coming in today - we will be off soon to run and play a bit. A church friend brought in lunch, which looks to me more like dinner, so in the fridge it goes to be heated up tonight. Loving churches are good places to be - we are blessed. Likewise, blessings to you all.......


Barbara said...

Hi, I have been out of town, but am back and happy to see your posts about your trip, your activities-past and present, and your words of wisdom. Take care of yourself---NO MORE FALLING! Love, Barbara

MJ said...

Thank you ma'am. I hope your trip was grand. Love you, MJ

Mary Beth said...

Ditto that. No more falling!

Neuro sounds good.

Today in my ABC's I gave thanks for balance! Not taking it for granted!!