Monday, August 24, 2009


It's been a long time since I blogged. When Mary Beth was here, she checked her blog, and it didn't go away. Today, by phone we (she) figured out what to tell me to do to get back to mine own. It worked!. If my computer just had a listening component, so I cold explain my problems to it, it would probably die laughing.

Church yesterday, loverly! Our preacher was a young man who, with his wife are training and raising funds to join friends in a mission in Moscow for two years. They have most recently, been in New Orleans with Crusade for Christ. Learning Russian must be a really hard job, being a different alphabet and all. After church, took communion to a friend who fell and broke her hip. She's 85, but she still goes to work every day. We are taking on a local school to sponsor. I am limited, but plan to volunteer one afternoon a week to read to or tutor or whatever. As long as I don't have to teach algebra, I'll be ok. I will also be prayer partners with the teacher and being there once a week will know the children and can pray probably more effectively for their needs. We'll see how this works out.

I have learned that I can only do two things in one day, or I simply forget to do them. There's probably a lot of wish fulfullment in this. I missed a meeting and a prayer and praise both this week, but when evening comes, we find we really want to stay in. Some of TV we both like but when it is awful, I just read and am able to block out the Tv if it isn't too loud. If it is, I complain and it goes down.

Teresa has quit and I now have no housecleaner. Looking, though. Surely someone will turn up before we drown. We are going to have to get someone out here to spot clean the carpet, but I don't want to do that befoe I finish moving the furniture in my room. I've been using the hose soaker on the garden, but only the yellow bells and the yellow lantana are blooming. The rest looks like a jungle. Some pots need to come out and some need moving - we'll get to that when I have help. Nancy is coming in a while when school gets going, with a truck and some boy scouts and they will clean out this garage. Can't wait!. I have two rugs which are going away this week, and a bag of angora, which looks a beautiful tan, but I expect to turn white when I wash it. That's on for today.

KIds were here for a couple of hours on Saturday and we had FUN. Mally, Spencer and I played aggravation and Sax played some game or other. Mally was very calm and encouraging to the two of us, and I'm glad to see this developing. She was a good sport about not winning also. Spencer said he'd teach me to play Texas Hold 'Em but when we started it turned out he really wasn't sure how it went. Last week when Mary Beth was here, she, Dad and I went to the Scotts (Scooter,Nancy and Mally weren't home) and used the pool for a very long time. Spencer and I solved lots of the problems of the world, just floating around. then we were all hungry, so we sent Spencer out to the henhouse and all 5 of us had scrambled cheese eggs and toast for dinner. Yummy! They are so much fun.

Mary Beth will be back next month for a weekend and I hope to get the rest of these piles of paper either filed, shredded or ditched. She's great help. I have a box of 5 scarves to get off to Katie and a book to get off to Mary Bethie. This is the week - not a lot going on to confuse me. (Not that I'm not generally confused.)


Mary Beth said...

I loved seeing you and Spence talking for so long. It was awesome.

MJ said...

He is such an open and questioning child, he is a delight to me. Serious stuff, too. Some of it dealt with whether relations are true relations when an adoption has been involved. And more.