Monday, August 31, 2009

Today I am ticked

at our President. He has actually said that he and God are going to be partners in the new medicare scheme when it comes to the proceedures used for patients in their old age. First of all, this is an extraordinary claim to make. I can't see God handing over the life span of anyone to President Obama. It is His purview alone, we just need to leave our lives in His hands. I object to any person deciding whether I can have any treatments except for my family and my doctors. Obama doesn't need in on these decisions.

We went to Nancy's Saturday to swim and visit. The boys each had a friend over and Mally was upstairs in her room. I'm pretty sure she was reading and I can't fault anyone for that since I spend most of my time reading. The boys swam with us, but mostly Nancy, Dad and I visited. This was great, since we haven't much time for just the three of us. While I always hurt the next day, I think sitting in the hot tub before we go home helps ease some of that. I've decided to go to the neurologist here. The last one (Fort Worth) demanded instant surgery (some 6 years ago) but this doctor doesn't believe in surgery unless nothing else works and he has lots of treatments he tries.

Saxon's friend was Hank, who is the new quarterback on the JV - Saxon is the manager and even helps occasionally with the varsity. He enjoys this and will do other activities later -tennis, golf, etc.

My bedroom looks as if a volcano erupted there. I am moving furniture and the floor is full of boxes of just 'stuff'. I wish I dared put them all in the garbage, but I don't. The good news is that when I go through these boxes I keep finding all these 'thingies' that I don't want, but won't throw away. So, now I keep a 'MallyBox' and put these things in for her babysitting business. Maybe they will go home with her clients - ok by me. I just don't want them here. Nancy is bringing me a loaner chest of drawers as the volcano also hit Mally's room. My standing mirror is going to her room also.

Working on a prayer shawl and a scarf and spinning some fleece for Mary Beth right now, but my left hand still isn't quite over the sprain from our week in Florida. That first finger lets me know when it is being overused. I'm going to order a woollee winder ( I know, you don't know what that is - don't worry about it) as it will give me larger bobbins and make it easier to spin.

Dad has been on altar service 4 weeks out of the last 5, and now with the new schedule he isn't on at all. They don't seem to spread this stuff out. I am lector one Sunday and then we can sit together in church.

Nothing really profound today except that all my neighbors hurt also. That's why I only talk to a few of them. Misery compounds. I prefer the folks at church. They have problems, but as a church we are pretty much overcomers.


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